“In the area holds it, so far, in about the balance,” said Matthias Grünberg, the Director of the rose city GmbH, now at the presentation of the projects planned for the coming weeks.

the total number of visitors is still significantly lower, is located on the bus tour groups, which account for over a year, about a quarter to a third of the ticket sales. “The missing, of course,” said green mountain.

Rosarium Sangerhausen: Due to Corona coaches

In the industry are missing, there is still great uncertainty. In several länder, such as Saarland and North Rhine-Westphalia, are coach trips allowed again, Sachsen allows you starting this Saturday. In some countries, but there are also restrictions on the number of usable seats.

Hamburg, about only allows a utilization of 50 percent, in several countries, including Saxony-Anhalt, are not required 1.50 meters distance between the passengers, living in the same household. Due to the much lower utilization of the trips are less profitable. In the neighbouring länder of lower Saxony and Thuringia, there was as yet no system for the permission of the coach.

Different provisions for the coach transport

“These days, but we had two coaches from Brandenburg here. It was nice to see again so large groups of visitors,“ said green mountain. He fears, however, that even with far-reaching permission of the coach traffic, the main target group of the Rosarium, the recovered to travel, possibly for the first time only behavior is to use. With many people in a Bus are sitting and the whole time the mouth-nose protection in the face of the thoughts you have to first get used. In the past year, nearly 85,000 people had visited the Rosarium. (mz)

This article was written by Grit Pommer

*The post “bus groups are missing: the number of individual visitors in the rose garden similar to that in the previous year,” published by the mitteldeutsche Zeitung. Contact with the executives here.

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