SV Planegg-Krailling will take place in spite of the Corona-pandemic this year, the summer camp of the football school of Real Madrid. The club announced on Thursday.

been Long on the Brink, now is clear: A summer camp of the football school of Real Madrid, the so-called “Fundación Real Madrid Clinic”, will take place this year on the site of the SV Planegg-Krailling. As the club side announced on Thursday on his Facebook to the Ball from the 31. August to 4. September at the hofmark road roller”, where appropriate, under regulatory requirements. The managers have developed a corona just the concept of Hygiene,“ said the SVP.

SV Planegg-Krailling: Real Madrid summer camp since 2017

summer camp for Youth football player has been held since 2017 each year in Planegg. It aims to be interested in Seven – to 16-Year-old to give an insight into the training methods of the next Superstars from the Junior centre of Real Madrid. The participants can reach it also with good performances the next round of the selection process. At the end of about a dozen children from Real-football camps in Germany and Austria will be invited to a visit of the Madrid stadium Santiago Bernabéu. For more information and registration