In Russia raging forest fires, an area five Times as large as the Saarland, already burned down. Nevertheless, the fire were set to work partially.

In Russia raging forest fires in the six regions of the state of exception applies. 1.4 million acres are already burned – an area five times as large as the Saarland. Nevertheless, the fire had been set to work partially.

Moscow – In Russia, the forest fires in large Parts of Siberia and in the far East of the country spread faster and faster. According to the forest protection service Avialesochrana from Sunday (28. June) burned an area of 1.4 million hectares – more than five times as large as the Saarland and thus, once again, significantly more than the day before.

state of exception in Russia: forest fires rage in Siberia

182 fires would be fought Currently, on an area of around 111.555 acres , said the authority. In six Russian regions, the state of emergency is currently. Most of the forest fires are well outside populated areas that are shared with Avialesochrana . There, the fire had been set to work, because there is no risk for people . The economic damage was less than the cost for the use of personnel, technology and water. The financial Situation of the local budgets is especially curious because of the high additional social spending, as a result of the Corona pandemic.

state of emergency is, among other things, in three regions of the area of Magadan on the sea of Okhotsk. The regional government called thunder and lightning as the reason for the fires. In addition, extreme heat and strong winds would make it difficult to extinguishing the fire. Especially the part of the Republic of Yakutia was also affected in the far Eastern part of Siberia. There extreme heat along with a large dryness prevails.

In the Arctic in 2019 raged a mighty fire. There are huge fires which have fatal consequences for the Permafrost and a climate of vicious circle to accelerate.

forest fires in Russia: in 2019, burned area more than twice as large as Bavaria from

In terms of area the largest country in the world, more than 3000 forces, around 500 units of the special technology, and 43 fire-fighting aircraft in use, officials said. A further 66 aircraft be used for Monitoring on-the-go. In addition, the forest fire service with a satellite in space helps to fire places.

forest fires in Russia: in 2019, burned area more than twice as large as Bavaria from

In Russia, it comes every year to severe forest fires. According to estimates by the environmental organization Greenpeace burned in the past year, around 150,000 square kilometres – an area more than twice as large as Bavaria.

As in the past year, forest fires raged in Siberia, had offered the US President, Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, allegedly help. Both sides described the conversation but different.