An armed man robbed on Sunday (7. June) a Rosenheimer station. Police are looking for witnesses and published a photo of the Unknown. He is wearing a Corona-protection mask.


An Unknown robbed on Sunday night (7. June) a gas station in Rosenheim. He forced the employees to cash admit – the offender was armed. Now the police are looking for witnesses.

Update from 18.33 at: The investigators believe it is not excluded that the gas stations robbers for a Robbery of a Shoe store on the 26. May in Rosenheim is responsible, in which there were no prey.

RAID on petrol station in Rosenheim – offenders Corona-protection mask – holders took advantage of: “A Problem”

Update from 13.14 at: The culprit, with a weapon, the Rosenheim station on Sunday evening invaded, wore a Corona-protection mask . Clearly this is seen in the Video and the mugshot to. A pair of sunglasses in the now, not everyone is equally suspicious.* talked with the owner. Says:

“The Problem is that at the time all with a mask running around. In the past, all alarm would be bells, when one would have come with a mask, but now it is of course difficult to recognize something in advance.“

You will now be upgraded in terms of Monitoring and security measures.

+ The police are looking for this is Unknown – he has invaded in Rosenheim a gas station.©Police Rosenheim

Update 9.26 PM : An unknown man attacked on Sunday evening (7. June,) armed with a gas station in Rosenheim. The gas station employees remained unharmed. A spokesman for the police said in the Morning, it is a “high three-digit amount had been stolen”.

Rosenheim: Armed gas station – police are looking for witnesses

original message from 8. June, 7.33 PM

Rosenheim On Sunday evening (7. June) raided a still unknown culprit a gas station in the Rosenheim District in the Western village of St. Peter. As the police said, fled the armed man after the fact. The police Rosenheim took over the investigation and is now looking for witnesses.

Rosenheim: Unknown robs gas station with gun

The previously unknown man entered the gas station next to a dealership in the Western villages road against 20.56 PM. “Under the Hold of a firearm he forced the employee, cash out”, police said.

After that, the offender fled on foot in the direction of Rosenheim town centre or the District of middle of the field.

gas stations-Robbery in Rosenheim: Police are looking for offenders

The crime service of the criminal police Rosenheim took over immediately the investigation. There are recordings of a surveillance camera , the perpetrator is described as follows.

male, about 1.75 to 1.80 meters tall 20 – 30 years old, dark, in the forehead projecting hair, glasses with round lenses

“was Dressed to the offender with two superposed, light blue disposable mouth-nose protection masks , a dark sweat jacket, dark pants and blue sneakers with white rubber sole. He said high German , “ said the police.

+ The police are looking for this is Unknown – he has invaded in Rosenheim a gas station.©Police

A man pushed in may to a bone, the police found Remains in the forest in Kipfenberg. Now the identity of the dead and leads us into the year 2002.

gas stations-Robbery in Rosenheim: police are looking for witnesses

officials are now looking to tools : anyone Who has observed the described Person on Sunday evening between 20.45 and 21.15 in the area of the Western villages road in Rosenheim? Who can give information leading to the capture of the perpetrator? Notes the criminal investigation Rosenheim at the number 08031/200-0.

In the early hours of the morning on Tuesday (31. December) occurred after a hunting two robbers a serious accident. The car took off and crashed into a warehouse.

After a robbery, the police left with a warning to the Public. After an arrest, a big question in the room is still.

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