Exercise, sweating, lifting Weights: All of this has been lacking for many people since the closure of the Fitness Studios. As of today, the sport may be enthusiastic again a workout on the weight bench and Stepper.

Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen – and Many operators of the Studios are facilitated. Nevertheless, it is important to note a few things.

Regina Demleitner from the “Vitarea” Bad heilbrunn has already been prepared before the weekend and everything. “Our Studio has 400 square meters of training space, so we had to almost change nothing,” she explains. Besides the individual training you can also offer group courses. “Each participant has a ten square meters around it,” she explains. During the entire time a coach standing on the surface, to pay attention to the compliance with the hygiene regulations. For members who belong to the risk group, there are in the afternoon, separate training times. Then a maximum of 15 people allowed in the Studio.

showers, Spa-area, swimming pool and locker rooms must remain closed. “That all be put in a drawer, I can’t understand,” complains Demleitner. “Finally, we have also in the shower and locker areas, a good ventilation system.”

the Tölzer gymnastics Studio “G’sund” locks on this Monday back to the doors. The owner Martina Probst-declared High: “Since Friday were able to register our members on the phone for the training units, at the moment everyone can participate twice a week in our offer.” This approach would be accepted by their customers as “good”. For those who do not trust themselves in the Studio, Probst-High continues to be an Online offer. Glad the entrepreneur is, above all, that “we have to get through the Corona closing date, no notice of termination”. Per unit of eleven participants can come. After that, the Studio for ten minutes will be released. However, the owner is sure: “The familiar coziness is there. We had to move, for example, all of the benches.“

Also in the “Works Fitness Training and EMS Training” in Bad Tölz can be regularly trained. Owner Karin Schmid Baur had prepared on the big day. The electro-stimulation Training (EMS) “we already offer two weeks ago, therefore our Hygiene is already longer,” she says. “For group fitness you can live with the state’s requirements really well,” she says. “I could train each group 20 members. So, there is no big change.“

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The Tölzer Reha-Sport’s as well. Director Björn Olten explains: “It can’t come as usual any time he wants, but now we have fixed training times.” At each Meeting a maximum of ten members can participate. “We had to change a lot and have ordered the devices.”

Less euphoric Charles Hirsch, owner of the eponymous sports studios in Tölz is. “We will make the 8. June is not on,“ he says. “For us, the Situation is even worse for restaurateurs.” To justify Hirsch argues: “We are a health-oriented Studio, we offer a lot of support, and costs are therefore very high.”

An opening under the pad in combination with the fixed costs and the elimination of the posts of the last weeks is not profitable economically. “We have many older members who belong to the risk group,” says Hirsch. “I think that some of the current provisions is no fun on the Train.” In addition, he did not know what contributions he should ask now, because services such as the Spa or the showers disappear. Hirsch wants more easing. “I hope that we will be able to open at the end of June.”

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The Tölzer martial arts Studio Thai Gym does not take up the operation in the full extent: At the pit, a distance of 1.50 meters doesn’t make any sense. hurt Owner Emanuel Globisch has, however, come up with something: “We provide a daily workout for endurance or technique,” he explains. “After the long break it is good, in the technical intricacies of a new start and to be fit.” For today’s opening Globisch has changed in the Studio a lot, about the distance between the punching bags enlarged. “If it is well received, we would increase the offer.”

Waiting for the pool opening