it is one of the most controversial construction projects in the Region: the pillar hall “Stoa 169” on the Bunting in the case of Polling. Over 100 works by artists from all over the world you will be wearing, in the middle of September the first section to be finished. We visited the construction site once with a view to the art.

Polling – there is Still a building site – with all the Unsightly, the building sites so bring with them: gravel-mounds, fences, building site traffic. But those who approach it and which has the ability, temporarily confounding factors hide, sees, and feels that here at least something out of the ordinary and probably something Beautiful emerges: a pillared hall, the metre-high works by over 100 artists from all continents together. An open-air Museum in Green, freely accessible for everyone (from the opening), but only on foot or by bike accessible and unique in the world.

In the concrete item grows the art to 1800 square meters

you Need something? This is the right place to do it? Didn’t have to be the authorisation procedure more transparent…? Certainly, there are critical questions to the “Stoa 169”, the column hall of the Pollinger painter Bernd Zimmer builds his “Stoa 169 Foundation” on a previously agricultural Meadow on the banks of the Ammer. The storm of indignation has swept Polling mayor in March from the office. It was a lot of talking, posted and written about all the questions, and there will still be some things to write about. But today, it’s supposed to go only to the that has taken in the past few months, hardly a view of. To see because hardly anything was out of site – with a lot of Unwanted.

in fact, grows in the concrete (1800 square meters, so around five per cent of the 35 000 square meters of Lawn, will be built for the “Stoa 169”) art. The Beauty Of It. And the Exciting. Beguiling. And also Disturbing. 30 ready-to-columns are already installed, until mid-September, it should be 81, and the first section to be opened. Also the roof of the hall then.

celebrities jumping under the “Stoa”-artists

Bernd Zimmer –and raves about – the-site visit from pillar to pillar: The Nine-ton steel object designed by the Irish artist Sean Scully, to the oak trunk, on the Daniel Man immortalized 20 street colleagues. The Icelander Sigrún Ólafsdóttir is a spiral to the sky floating, heavy Oil barrels, which the Nigerian artist Sokari Douglas Camp discusses the use of fossil fuels, loads of it. A pillar is a pillar is a pillar? Of due! Even now, the diversity of the works impressed. A pillar is a kayak (Roman Signer/Switzerland) is a sound body (Justine Gaga/Cameroon) is a bird’s nest (Gerd blank/Berlin) is an advertising pillar (Rozbeh Asmani/Iran) is a cucumber (Erwin Wurm, Austria)…

Under the Stoa artists, some are celebrities. Scully was No. 76, the worm 34 of a world artist rankings, the business magazine draws up, says the room. “But that’s not to market things that interest me,” adds the painter, in the mid-1970s was as a “New Wild” fame. The portico, inspired by him back in 1990 on a trip to South Indian Hindu temple, to tell “the story”, a “common sign, for worldwide peaceful coexistence” set. “This is it”, ponders the 71-Year-old: “the Different under one roof – and the Joint that is being created. And the beauty that results.“

in Total, there are now 121 columns – instead of 169

The wish list with the names of the artists, who should be involved, was originally longer. However, a large part of the painters, sculptors and installation artists, the rooms at the birth of the idea deemed to be important, no longer works today, or has died. There are other names on the list, also other concepts of Art came into view. Many of the Younger among them. And for the further Input is provided: year for year, for ten years, is intended to create an art Academy, a new column for a diagonal of the square hall.

121 columns and non – 169 – be it as a whole. Up to ten of the Academy courses, you are forgiven already. In may 2021, the current planning, they will be almost all done to be the second phase opened. From the Syrian Tammam Azzam on the British Tony Cragg to the Chinese Zhao Zhao, the list of Artists is enough for part two.

you and this site, so you can feel: It is good that the dimensions have been reduced. In the present proportions of the art should fit in here well in the nature. And many are here to rise – in the best sense – the eyes.

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