During one of the two only with damage to property ended, was living with the second a 54-year-old man critically injured.

The first accident had occurred at around 13: 30. A Truck had Schwerte between the connection point and the rest stop-light village on the right lane is pushed a further three vehicles to each other. This had to brake the transport to a limited extent. Was injured in the collision no one. However, the Truck is put across, which is why the road had to be closed, with short interruptions, in the direction of Bremen up to approx. 17 at completely.

At 14.25 clock, it came in the backwash of the first accident, another rear-end collision. The first Stuff, according to a 54 had braked-Year-old from Bonn his car on the right lane. This is a 51-Year-old from Freudenberg overlooked, apparently, for reasons not yet understood the cause and drove the vehicle to the Bonners.

This was life-threatening injuries and had to be freed by firefighters from his car. A rescue helicopter brought him to a hospital. The 51-Year-old was slightly injured and an ambulance also transported to a hospital.

The A-1 had to be between the connection of Hagen-Nord and the Westhofener Kreuz place until about 16 o’clock also completely blocked. Until about 16.45, only the left lane was passable, then the entire roadway.

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