Two motorcyclists, a car and another motorcycle driver drove on the B 258 in the mentioned order from the Nürburgring, coming in the direction of travel Wiesemscheid.

Immediately prior to the junction of Potsdamer Platz and changed the driver to the right parallel to the road over the course of the end of the lane in the direction of travel of Adenau. The most rearward motorcycle rider wanted to close the gap to the front two motor wheels, and the already completely in the turning lane are cars driving past, which is why he accelerated.

The Car driver moved briefly over the roadway marker back to the B 258. The motorcycle driver had to swerve to the left to avoid a collision with a car. In the case of the evasive maneuvers, he came and touched the two in front of him moving motorcycles. One of the two front men fell, the other could bring his bike under control. the car driver drove back to the lane and continued the journey without pause in the direction of travel of Adenau.

The pursuit car. were injured by the accident easily. The two front motor-wheels have been slightly damaged, the rear motorcycle suffered total damage: about 8000 euros.

To pass the Car, that is car a gray small, probably from the manufacturer, “VW only”. Witnesses are asked to contact the police Adenau.

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