On an ICE-travel from Bamberg to Nuremberg, there was an incident in which several persons were injured. A 19-Year-old freaked out completely and fled.

On an ICE-travel from Bamberg to Nuremberg, there was an incident at the multiple people were injured . A young man tried to escape the ticket control . The 19-Year-old locked himself in the toilet – a little later escalated the Situation . All the News and info about Bayern, you will find always up to date on our big issues page*.

Gain – This train journey will remain the passengers of the ICE 705 from Bamberg to Nuremberg* well long in the memory. A passenger who was travelling without a Ticket, provided between Bamberg and Nürnberg in great agitation, as he was caught, as a black driver – he tried to escape by all means. Even soldiers, who were passengers on Board, were not able to subdue the man first.

Nuremberg/Erlangen On ICE-journey – a Violent rampage because of black-and-driving

the Federal police said, the incident occurred on Friday (29. May) in time for lunch. According to the figures, the 19-year-old rioters in the toilet locked had to the tickets-escape control – which was not lost on the two conductors inside, however.

Both asked the black driver to open the door, what is the 19-Year-old did. As the Federal police reported that he found the conductors inside the page , in order to evade the control.

Nuremberg/Erlangen: commotion in the ICE – black-driver wants to escape

After the two train Conductors were not able to grab the man , two soldiers , and as the passengers in the train to Nuremberg* on-the-go the women for help. But the two men couldn’t stop the renegade black driver .

First-three-the train ride-on police officers, it was possible to hot-porn-volume. At the railway station in Gain the black wanted to the driver’s escape , however, could be from a Bavarian and Thuringian police officers on the platform provided. Even now, the Summary was not to . He put up a considerable fight, and eventually had to be tied .

black driver’s freaking out in the ICE to Nürnberg – several police officers can stop him

For further processing in the country, a policeman gave the young man to the Federal police . The conductors inside, the two soldiers and the intervening police officers suffered bruises and abrasions. The Federal police has initiated a case against the accused a identification due to personal injury and resistance against enforcement officials.

On the B16 in the district of Kelheim, it was a serious traffic accident. A 40-tonne Truck crashed with a car. A helicopter was in use.

On the B13 in the district of Pfaffenhofen, it came on Tuesday afternoon, (2. June) to a terrible accident. Two people died at the scene of the accident.

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