last Friday, to Call several times to “Heil Hitler”and “Hitler salute” at the monument to the Fallen of the 1. World war, several drunken young people from outside have come in, have a MZ-research. This is prohibited and may result in investigations by the state protection.

Wild parties and the police twice on-the-spot

With an open letter in which one of such incident has been described, has a family from Nienburg contacted the city and the mayor, “this time to Wake up”, so it is compared to the MZ. Occasion, a Party of young people last Friday was. Off we went at about 16.30 hours.

It was a wild Party at the Goethe place, thing square and at the monument to the Fallen of the 1. World war celebrated been. At least 29 young people had been counted. Also, the police had been to multiple note twice and have forwarded the details to the clerk’s office. Here is the family now expects that will be traded.

“On Saturday morning, broken beer bottles lay around Offense to be behind the Balustrade beneath the monument” to the

, “we urge you to track and to impose fines”, – said in the Letter. Observed the violation of the Corona-contact rules with more than ten persons, no minimum distance, no mouth-nose protection, unacceptable levels of noise, littering had been. “On Saturday morning, lay around behind the Balustrade below the monument is still broken beer bottles,” it says.

With a stolen shopping the young people “crates of beer and other beverages across the city to the monument”, is described in the Letter. “It was only after around 20.50 PM a police patrol on the spot, cleared the young people of the place to a great extent”, it is stated in the open letter. Here at the monument it was in the evening, come to the anti-constitutional greeting.

No tours of the public order office

“It is to find the critical times (Friday at 20 PM, weekend/holiday dinner), no tours of the public order office instead, although this is in view of the situation in Nienburg is absolutely necessary,” writes the family and refers to an incident a week earlier in Nienburg happened had.

Here, young people were pulled from the station to the Parking lot St. John’s road. They had previously placed on the tracks and were on the back – and-hergesprungen.

mayor Susan hawk: “We will go this Friday together with the police to also Patrol”

the young people pull for a long time already by the city, and for displeasure, ensure, white, mayor Susan hawk. However, you’ll not idly.

“If it is necessary to move our staff of your layer so that you can perform even after 20 clock controls. On the recent incidents we have responded. We are going to go this Friday together with the police Patrol. But not always, because it depends on the service plans of the police“, informs Susan hawk.

Great damage by the destruction and littering

What this does in addition to the noise, however, the most damage, are the destruction and the waste that remains. “We have had, especially in the Parking lot at the St. John’s street just after the opening of vandalism. Damage to property and, above all, graffiti were before,“ said the mayor.

Here, however, were young people to identify, against the will determined according to your level of knowledge because of property damage already.

it always comes back to these Meetings, had long been so. The young people themselves indicate that there are about 40, as well as last Friday. You would just have to meet and have fun, so one of the young people. Nothing is wrong with that, says the mayor. However, broken glass bottles, destruction, and excessive noise and ruin the residents have their fun on the weekend – and it was clearly a crossing of the border. “If others are disturbed by the fun, is the full measure”, makes it clear. (mz)

This article was written by Andrew brown

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