New freedom to travel following the Lockdown: as of mid-June, German can travel in many neighboring countries, and there spend your holiday.

mask of duty, distance regulations and hygiene concepts are changing the travel experience in a sustainable way, which is why some of the tourists> well-known places prefer less this year <strong classical target areas . Here you can find a selection of values of travel destinations in Europe, the holidays are ideal for a relaxed short. In these countries, vacationers can enjoy in spite of Corona regulations, the re-gained freedom to travel*.

holidays in Austria – holidays at the lake

On 15. June 2020 to open the Austrian borders to Germany, for travelers and thus, the tourism in the country to revive. If you like it close to nature and idyllic, should opt for a short trip to one of the many lakes in Austria. This is the Portal recommends. Only about 30 kilometers from the famous Wolfgangsee lake of crystal-clear Hintersee is located, for example. Also in the Salzkammergut region, just 900 meters long and a width of Offensee is located. Surrounded by an impressive mountain scenery of the lake is the ideal starting point for Hiking or a relaxing walk on the Hiking trail around the lake.

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vacation in Luxembourg − city in Mini Format

Who is currently looking for a suitable destination for a city trip, you should Luxembourg in the closer choice pull. Here, too, tourists from the middle of June on vacation again . The Grand Duchy and its capital city inspire rock with a historic old town, Parks, contemporary architecture and the mighty Fort on the Bock. Those who prefer the nature of the city, should visit the only national Park in the country, the Upper-Sure. Active holidaymakers can go Hiking in the Park, swimming or Canoeing.

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holiday in the Netherlands – Leiden instead of Amsterdam

anyone Who puts in a trip to the Netherlands value on canals, small canals and winding alleys, but an Alternative to the metropolis of Amsterdam is looking for is the Destination of choice of Suffer. The birth town of Rembrandt’s easy to explore on foot or by Bicycle. Known the city is also due to the many romantic wall poems, which adorn the facades of brick houses. Of the old castle Burcht van Leiden, visitors have a beautiful view of the city. Recommended for nature lovers, the Botanical garden near the University .

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holidays in France – the Width of the Atlantic ocean and the Dune du Pilat

France opens slowly for tourism and divides the country into red and green Corona zones. The green regions of the country are hardly affected by the pandemic and, therefore, enjoy first loosening the Lockdown. Here, it should be in the summer, tourism is also possible. Especially a lot of distance can keep travelers, for example, on the Atlantic coast with miles of sandy beaches. Historical buildings and streets and will not find leisure far away in Bordeaux, the old town is part of the UNESCO world heritage . Also very popular with visitors to the Dune du Pilat, the highest sand dune in Europe which is located around 65 km southwest of Bordeaux. Due to the existing Corona-restrictions, travelers should inquire in advance about opening Hours and visiting rules and regulations of the French monuments, and other places.

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vacation in Switzerland – wall variety from Zurich

Already apply relaxations to Enter Switzerland , from mid-June to then be back-free travel possible. Active travelers, the trip is a weekend in the Swiss mountain world, found from Zürich, numerous Hiking routes of varying length and difficulty. Many Hiking trails are even easy to reach with public transport from Zurich. Here, travellers should, however, that the current mask is mandatory. Particularly impressive, for example, the Rigi panoramic trail with beautiful views of the lakes of Lucerne and the lake of Zug is. The diversion route rich in is a good deal for Beginners and offers many Possibilities for breaks.

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holiday in Croatia – the country of 1000 Islands

include Croatia, more than 1200 Islands and semi-Islands, with tourists from abroad, more or less known. If you’re looking for something quiet and, above all, distance to his fellow man , you should book an accommodation to the less well-known Islands. To do this, Solta, Korcula, or Molat include, for example,. Here travelers will find crystal clear water, idyllic villages and the sun and the sections are also secluded coves and the beach, so a relaxing holiday in the Corona times, nothing stands in the way. Entry to Croatia is by the way is already possible now, as long as visitors have the booking confirmation for Hotel or apartment.

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holidays in Portugal day tours from Lisbon

Portugal came so far relatively well by the Corona-crisis , and recorded a low disease rate in contrast to the neighboring country of Spain. Therefore, the country is in the middle of June back holiday makers welcome and is currently working on different hygiene concepts for beach visits and hotel stays. Anyone who is looking for a mix of city trip or active holidays, you should go for a short holiday in Lisbon. The metropolis offers all the advantages of a big city, on the other hand, leisure travellers can make from here easily day trips to the Surf-Mekka Peniche or nearby in the national Park of Serra da Arrabida Hiking and relax.

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