Munich airport, after the Corona-Lockdown all of the characters on reboot. A variety of measures to make this possible. Lufthansa announced a new flight plan during the month of June.

Coronavirus-crisis has hit the airport in Munich is difficult. Now, the Munich Airport is preparing for the restart. Lufthansa moves its flight operations in Munich already 2. June, again significantly high. Also, inter-continental objectives are.

Munich airport At Munich airport the person responsible for the policy these days to listen carefully. Because every now announced easing means for the air to travel a slow return from the still. Probably not too day of Pentecost , but probably in the summer of first vacations in foreign again be possible.

And a lot of people, who stood for March will use the plane . That’s why the FMG group and Airlines are preparing more and more concrete on the resumption of flight operations on – course, still in a very modest extent. FMG spokesman Ingo Anspach makes it clear: “At the Munich Airport will continue to be a safe travel possible.” The first measures for the re-boot already. Anspach was described as “an extensive package of measures for the prevention of infection”.

Coronavirus at the airport Munich: wide awareness campaign on the MUC-Airport

by Using a regular announcements, posters, video screens , and increased human presence in the terminal would inform travellers about rules of conduct. “In all areas of the Airport where passengers to stop, increase the cleaning intervals and surfaces disinfected. In addition, be provided for the passengers dispensers with hand sanitizers,“ says Anspach.

since Monday (18. May) to carry passengers, visitors, meeters and staff mouth-nose protection . “The government-arranged masks-carry obligation applies in all terminals of the airport, i.e. in the areas A to E of the Terminal 1 , the Central region Z , the R and the entire Terminal 2 and the associated satellite buildings”, according to the FMG.

The Check-in to security check and in other areas where passengers might accumulate, provide routes by Linings and floor marking for the minimum between passengers is met. Where passengers and employees are in direct contact, were also installed plexiglass Windows.

Corona at Munich airport: protective masks-machines – Online Check-in is to be promoted

“line formations, we put all of the passengers close to the possibility of online check-in,” says Anspach. A new Service for passengers in Terminal 2 Where they can be purchased on the six machines – four of which are before security, and two in the Gate area, protective masks, disinfectant wipes and other hygiene items.

“We assume that in the Wake of the loosening of the Corona restrictions, the demand for air travel increases and the offer of the Airlines is growing again. Our claim is to act, the passport, and to provide employees with maximum security, and the traveller at the same time the usual high standard of service,“ says Airport CEO Jost Lammers. The Terminal 1 and the satellite, the Terminals 2 remain but for the time being out of operation.

Corona-relaxations at Munich airport Lufthansa is ready to start

the Lufthansa is his gun. Spokeswoman Bettina Rittberger announces a new, denser flight plan from June . About 1800 weekly Connections , it should be up by the end of June. Including 106 goals in Germany and Europe, as well as 20 long-haul destinations, so Rittberger. Supports would. Lufthansa and group subsidiaries Eurowings and Swiss

For the hub in the Erdinger Moos is this: The existing, mainly inter-German Notflugplan will be extended. Again, it will fly to from 1. June Brussels, Vienna, Zürich and Münster/Osnabrück. From 6. June it goes back to Palma de Mallorca.

Further, the Lufthansa spokeswoman says that as of June first of long targets from Munich, the route would be flown, including Chicago (from 2. June), and Los Angeles (from 3. June). The Kranich-Airline wants to three times, use a week an Airbus A350-900. On the same day, also Tel Aviv/Israel should be connected again with an Airbus A 319.

Lufthansa to restart at Munich airport – New goals in the offer

the Least of Bremen, Hanover, Rostock, Germany/location and the island of Sylt were next to Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Berlin were to have been.

“With the June flight plan, we make an important contribution to the back-up of the air transport infrastructure. It is an essential part of the German and European economy. People want to and can travel again, whether on holiday or for business reasons,“ explains Lufthansa Vorständler Harry Hohmeister.

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