In München are the rental prices are always subject of discussion. And this is also an official platform for pouring Oil into the fire.

Munich is a Mecca for high rental rates. But this offer of a shared room is completely absurd. The price takes one of the shoes.

Munich – There is the vexing issue in the Bavarian capital: The prices . Constant discussions about the exorbitant sums of money* to put Munich for your living room on the table, not tear down. Again and again, absurd Numbers to be called. which the inhabitants drive on the palm. Also, for students in search of a cheap habitat is usually in the Sand. Recently, a photo of Mel, even the rental rates*. But what is this offer shows here, from the camel to the ground.

Munich: Incredible rip-off offer for rent rooms

On the popular platform yodel, which is installed especially in the case of young people on the Smartphone, rum was an offer, in which everyone rubs the eyes. A user was on the well known platform on the road, the countless – primarily students – a room in Munich has given. In addition to many of the normal advertisements, he stopped at a certain and exceptional image (until Sunday, 7. June can still be reached and viewed here), and was Flabbergasted.


found here the Five-square-meter room is in the suburb of Forstenried-Fürstenried*. The district is under the people of Munich are not necessarily swank and luxury quarter known – one wrote: “In the area I’m in only if I drunk in the Bus fall asleep”. And the other User on yodel can’t believe it almost. Hanover and Cologne are not happy to live in Munich. A writes: “There’s a bed fits in, ready” . When scrolling in the offer, the door is in the room. “Is all this for?”, the user that discovered the advertisement having a good time. The future residents with the common spaces put off. Thus, the price per square metre would be something to put into perspective, but still very high.

Munich: usury-the offer leads to Harry-Potter-jokes

Some were not, and wrote to the landlord even: “the offer Is serious or Satire?”, so the question on the form. One wrote to the landlord even more ironic: “May I have a two and a half square meters under rent? I am overwhelmed with five square meters?“. Many more requests reached the WG . Even Harry Potter jokes were made. The wizards lived, as known in the broom closet under the stairs. “Even the Dursleys would be about the size of a broom closet outraged”.

Someone was so stunned. “I reported the offer, it can’t be serious”. If the display away soon or someone rents the room even, is not yet known.


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