commuter and Munich FDP politicians have demonstrated on Monday morning at the Prince Regent street with a new traffic measure.

commuters and Munich FDP politicians have demonstrated on Monday morning at the Prince Regent street against the new reduction of the light- Green . Also in the Internet motorists do mobile. The traffic is jammed up on the A94 . Many more exciting stories from Munich in our App.

Munich – commuters need known to have a lot of patience: According to a study, you will lose per year and up to 131 hours in the tough road. One of the biggest traffic jam in Munich, the Prince Regent street is falling – now more than ever, Since a week a new traffic light with shorter green phases – to reduce the 20 seconds of Green, a Minute Red – the traffic between grillparzerstraße and Ismaninger Strasse and so for purer air. According to a survey by the planning unit from 2017 to at this point every day around 36,000 vehicles in both directions. So far, the new measure, however, seems to lead to only one thing: more traffic, the taut part to the A94 back to standing. On the highway, there were, according to the ADAC on Monday to 15 at three jams.

+ More congestion in the traffic circuit makes for frustration.©Markus Götzfried

commuters in Munich, annoyed: “This new traffic light is pure harassment!”

Many commuters are annoyed. On Monday morning (15. June) demonstrated, therefore. “This new traffic light is pure harassment!”, Michael Ruoff, district Deputy suburb of the FDP München-Ost scolds. The measure is part of the government of upper Bavaria clean air plan . The city has warned commuters already before increased Congestion to the peak traffic times, from 7 to 9 PM and from 16 to 18 hours. Motorists should avoid as much as possible on alternative means of transport – such as new E-buses on the line 100. But this requires also better Parking on the outskirts of the city, calls for Ruoff.

Similar to Patricia Riekel, the FDP argued, is a member of the district Committee Bogenhausen: “ The traffic jam for even worse air . You should instead make for a improvement of Parking facilities and public transport.“ The critics complain in addition, the relocation of the problem to other streets. “In Einstein street in the traffic jam today was extreme,” reported commuter Mahmut Türker. Taxi driver Wolfgang barking notes: “Generally, I think that measures to calm traffic well. I do not believe, however, that the shorter Green are a good solution.“

In a tragic accident in Munich has moved to a 15-Year-old serious injuries. He was previously crashed at the angel of peace.

4000 signatures already

collected Whether the new traffic lights of the motorists forcing, in principle, to rethink, it will show only in the long term. Resistance, meanwhile, is also on the Internet. Michael Haberland, CSU and local politician, and President of the automobile clubs “Mobil in Deutschland e. V.” has launched a Petition against the “red jam wave” and in the meantime, around 4,000 signatures collected. His goal is a minimum of 6500 signatures to force a hearing in the city Council.

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