The scheduled League Cup competition would provide the land League footballers of VfB Hallbergmoos and SE Freising new options – and a further advancement chance.

County – the League is to be played to the end, and on the other, it could give an additional Cup competition, with the free time to be bridged during the League’s operation. The new timetable (see info box below) would provide the top teams two chances in the Bayern League ascend.

The Sporting Director of VfB Hallbergmoos, Anselm Fritters, had been insured with the discussion on the demolition of the current season, that you will support all decisions of the Association. “Because it is clear that there can’t be a solution,” stresses Fritters. He considers himself even now.

The hall of mountain mooser functionary also has points he would like to have seen differently: Fritters would have liked to see the remaining League games are all completed in this calendar year. Even without English weeks of the harvest until the end of November was possible. The current plan can see that from the beginning of September, eight matches will be played in the spring in four to five meetings – plus a possible Relegation – the decisions are made.

Fritters: “a Cup competition is something very Private.”

The League Cup as a gap filler Fritters looks positive, as this is still further promoted in the Bavaria League would be playing. “I would rather create it directly in the remaining League matches,” says the Sporting Director of VfB. To say a one and a half times the climb chance until the next summer, he Jein: “The statistician says Yes, but a Cup competition is something very Private.” There, it is to be in a few Games since. Such a League Cup for the temporal Bridging, however, is a very exciting and attractive Option.

The hall of mountain mooser functionary annoy currently, the partially polemical Statements made by other representatives of the clubs in the social networks. “From these daily discussions, I’m getting a bit annoyed,” says Fritters. He is the one or the other on the way, that is also the key to be covered. The 28-Year-old knows that some people adjust their expressions of opinion to the table stand of your own Association. “I wish there was something more understanding for the people who need to meet at the Association of the decisions,” stresses Fritters.

Meanwhile, Alex is Plabst, the Coach of the national League-rivals SE Freising, still not quite sure what to think of the additional League Cup. Of course, one would assume the competition promises to be the 52-Year-old, “because we have to, Yes”. In addition, the lerchenfelder Kicker in the spring of 2021 want to go when the Mini-tournament to be played, with all seriousness in the fight for the Bonus climb.

Plabst: “With today’s Knowledge I would have voted for the season to crash.”

“Nevertheless,” says Plabst, “had such a Cup in the past, the top priority for us.” Rather, the SEF player preferably would have it, when the currently-interrupted season, would be brought to this calendar, the end of the year. “That would have been three to four weeks already possible,” explains Alex Plabst. “That would create the associations, it each Team has not only a Twelve-man squad.” The season draw, however, the length – two removable Windows On hardware between a final decision on promotion and relegation. There’s the question of Fairness – there was already no matter, whether at the top or at the bottom of the Tableau. “With today’s Know how everything is going, I would have personally voted for the season to crash,” admits the SEF-Trainer.

Meanwhile, runs at the Roider-Jackl-Weg, is now a kind of Training. By the end of June, captain Andreas Schredl and co. meet to practice in small groups and to individual stations once per week. “From July we will see us two Times a week and the intensity will increase,” promises Plabst.

And at some point, the person in charge of the SEF, in the hope that there will again be two battles in the Training and test games possible. “From August onwards, we can work out hopefully among other requirements,” explains Coach Plabst. This will also be necessary, if at the beginning of September to re-roll the Ball.

However, the Freisinger team Manager also confirmed that the Association of the exchange options will make this summer probably no use. Plabst emphasized: “it would have to be a player who brings us extremely more. Thus, we go with our current squad in the remainder of the season.“

Additional competitive sports incentive

The Bavarian football Association now has the in the solution group (LAG) “game of operating the League and the Cup the level of the Confederation” proposal drawn up with the four competition blocks will be presented. This looks similar to the one in the regional League and the Bayern an additional competition leagues – in addition to the continuation of the regular game operation in two blocks (September/October 2020 and April/may 2021), and the qualification and implementation of the Toto Cup 2020/21-per-country League.

Which WAS recommended for each of the five national League seasons, a flexibly-designed League Cup competition with pre-, Intermediate -, and final round, which will be held during the times of the League is in operation and at the end of which the winners play in a relegation round for a total of three direct promotion places to the Bayern League. The results of the regular season, the competition has no influence. Should a team win the League Cup, has already managed over the League the rise, an alternate principle. A Team that would descend on the League, as the winner of the League Cup show-competition of this class.

“I am of the opinion that the presented model for all clubs is very appealing – it’s just the League Cup. The three direct promotion places offer a high level of sporting incentive,“ says Association Director Josef Janker. “The Feedback was consistently positive.” In the context of an Online session, requested the opinion no club have contacted representatives, who would not support the model. In the next step, the design of the League Cup is now. A further working group with the national League club representatives, is launched.


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