Dangerous use for the fire brigade in Munich: A radio tower of the Bavarian broadcasting company (BR) burns suddenly ablaze. The state protection determines. First clues point to a politically motivated act.

On Friday morning ( 22. May 2020 ) a radio tower of the Bavarian radio (BR) in Munich in flames. A large-scale operation of the fire was the result, the police used a helicopter. The state protection has taken investigations on suspicion of arson.

Update from 23. May 2020, 9.05 PM: On Friday morning, a radio tower of the Bavarian broadcasting company in flame , the suspicion of arson is confirmed, in the meantime, more and more. As the BR reported now, had been for weeks on the Internet, out of left-wing extremist circles, to be called attacks on “critical infrastructure facilities”.

In the Calls, a guide to the “burning had been added to the setting of radio-mask technology”, beige. As the BR is reported to have two similar attacks in the Region of Munich has only recently occurred. Therefore, a mobile phone masts is set in the Perlacher of forest on fire and an attack on a cable tray with the telecommunications facilities have been, some 500 metres from the open men’s BR-grounds of the police .

BR-the radio tower is on fire: investigation without success, and fact, politically motivated?

Update 22. May 2020, 20.58 PM: Have fired the offender from the left spectrum of the transmission tower of the Bavarian radio in free man? In the night of Friday, the fire of the tower has triggered a large fire and police use. The Bureau of arson, the state protection determines.

Shortly before 3 p.m., the fire alarm system of the BR at the Florian with a focus on beat. A technician chose the emergency. The first responders saw at the approach of a far luminous flames glow . The wiring harness that leads to the top of the transmitting mast, was at that time already 30 feet high in flames. It took the fire brigade three hours to extinguish the fire.

+ BR-transmitting mast lit: police think it was arson.©FKN

BR-radio tower in flames: Similar behaviour in the UK – Due to the 5G?

There is no evidence revealed to a technical Defect, the police of arson and started in the night with the manhunt for the perpetrators. the More than 20 patrol cars and a helicopter were in use. So far, the search went without success. On demand of the BR does not explain the transmission mast on the site was freely accessible. So the perpetrators must have forcibly gain access to the site gives.

impact on the transmission operation, it was not only the radio over to DAB+ in the North might be slightly affected. The amount of damage is so far unclear. In December Unknown set close to the BR of the leinthaler bridge fibre optic cable pipelines fire. Also, this attack is suspected on the account to the left politically-motivated . Taken in this context, no one.

The Mast in the free man is used in addition to the BR, also from mobile operators. In other countries such as the United Kingdom people to commit for weeks, attacks increased on 5G mobile radio antennas . Background, Corona-conspiracy theories are . Because there are voices that establish a connection between the outbreak of the Virus and for the 5G Development.

BR-the radio tower is on fire – police are hunting with helicopters, state protection is determined

11.33 PM: Apparently, it was brand Foundation. After a fast-a corresponding suspicion had been launched by the police around free man immediately, “greater investigation measures”. More than 20 patrol cars and a helicopter were in use.

+ early Friday morning, the BR radio tower burned down in free man on fire.©zema-medien.de

police and government protection have taken up the investigation. According to preliminary findings, one or several as yet unknown perpetrators were applied to the BR-site and were able to put the radio mast on fire. Currently, the police of a politically motivated act (on the left), as it is said in a press release. The amount of damage, no information can yet make.

BR-radio tower in Munich is on fire – police are hunting with helicopters, state protection is determined

call: Who has made it to the specified time of the crime suspect perceptions in the Florian mühlstraße, in free man, which could be related to this arson in connection?

persons who can give relevant information, be. asked, to the police headquarters in Munich, Commissariat 43, Tel 089/2910-0, or any other police Department in connection to.

9.58 PM: at 2.57 PM, had triggered the fire alarm system, reported to the Munich municipal fire Department in a press release. At almost the same time, a technician will have chosen the emergency 112. At the site arrived the forces were faced with a complicated task: “Since the harness was already burning at a height of 30 meters and decided on the use of head in addition to the rotating head the aerial rescue stage (maximum operating altitude: 53 meters) to use.”

can be controlled the affected area After a technician of the company had separated the plant from the electricity. A total of three technology container on the floor were forcibly opened. After about one and a half hours the fire was extinguished.

BR-radio tower in Munich is on fire – police takes up investigation

Update 22. May, 9.30 am: in the Meantime, the BR has published a report on the fire on the site of the transmitter. “The cable tray is charred by the fire at full length, the plant is out of function,” it States. Noticed the fire had been, apparently, by an automatic smoke detector .

Immediate “consequences for the power ” are not to be expected. When DAB reception in the North of Munich, there could be problems, such as the BR explains. The cause is now to determine the fire investigators of the police.

München-Freimann: BR-the radio tower is on fire – hazardous use for rescuers

original message:

Munich – in The early hours of Friday morning (22. – May) at 3 PM has triggered great alarm . The radio tower of the Bavarian broadcasting company ( BR ) in free man was ablaze. A large number of Feuerwehr and rescue forces advanced in the North of Munich, the Munich fire was spot on.

The application was due to the burning cables in a height of 30 metres and falling Parts is difficult. At 6 p.m., the fire was extinguished.

What triggered the fire is not yet clear. The police has added investigations and want to inform in the course of Friday on their findings.


A Bicycle rider is killed in an accident in Munich, deadly. Prior to that, he was in conflict with a “stocky” E-Biker. The police have an APB out now with images. Latest news from the state capital, is located in the Munich-Department of tz.de.

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