Then white smoke from the “Felix rises”. Help to listen to calls. Obviously, it has given to the passenger ship in the middle of the Geiseltalsee an Explosion. However, the fire brigade must be alerted Saturday afternoon only. Because it is an Exercise for water rescue, the first of its kind locally, the organizer Uwe Gibson, Müchelner sailing school “Skipper club” says. Eleven members of the Association of municipal military Wethautal from the castle district, arrived, and in its two launch boats.

Exercises for the real case: fighting back samples of water rescue on the Geiseltalsee

As you create with “Felix” and the lay of the land, it means: A severely injured person, a woman with burn injuries and a passenger in a wheelchair must be removed and the disabled ship then in the harbour dragged. Uwe Gibson and the Association of municipalities ladder Olaf Sander are from there, only spectators. The firefighters from beautiful castle, bumps and Prittitz are on your own.

But the latter have the situation in hand. With a Board of seriously injured is umgehoben on the small fire boat, the woman with the burns on the leg supported, and the paralyzed passenger in a mountain of cloth brought safely to Land.

more and more Difficult, the towing is. It is windy, the fire-boats to “Felix” is very easy. However, with the tips of Uwe Gibson also succeed finally.

In the case of under cooling is not a tool

Jens Jebramcik is alcohol can sit there and back again. The willingness of the head of the water rescue of Ilmenau, in the German red cross district Association Arnstadt has to support a handful of “injured”, and that the exercises. Jens Jebramcik travelled with his equipment, such as a doll for the First aid. He explained the firefighters in the morning, what is important for the water rescue. Films such as “Baywatch” as a model to be unsuitable, because the rescuer should adhere to as a self-protection always distance to the Victim.

it Is the latter, cool, not to help the St. Bernard with a brandy barrel, because alcohol is not a tool. “I would like to give tips and ideas for the suitable equipment of the rescuers,” he had said. Hands-on Practice of the Beatmens and the heart pressure massage but also to its part of the training, because there is in the water rescue features.

Specifically for water rescue, there is no fire brigade-training

But why were the municipality fire brigade Wethautal had calculated interest? There is no lake of this size? “The Saale,” says Olaf Sander. And specifically for water rescue, there is no fire training.

When he heard that Uwe Gibson in Mücheln offers such a thing, he made nails with heads. In the autumn of the theoretical training took place, now the practical.

“The firemen will get to practice for eventual operations on the water”, had Uwe Gibson spent as a target. “We take a lot of” stresses at the end of Olaf Sander. “We didn’t know before that, however, the performance limits of our boats. And there are already differences to the country’s rescue.“ (mz)

This article was written by Diana Dünschel

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