The rain pattered on the afternoon, particularly strong on the Jerichower Land district, a meteorologist of the German weather service (DWD) said in Leipzig. So a village of Möckern were in Drewitz,, 28 litres of rain per square meter within one hour is measured. In Genthin, came up with 24 litres per square metre, almost as much shut down. On Saturday Saxony should be continued according to the DWD forecasts, especially of severe thunderstorms affected. It is expected with rainfall amounts of up to 40 square meters per hour. It is flooding risk, also because of the dry ground could not, in many places, absorb the water quickly enough. Smaller rivers could swell and Floods to worry about.

In the center of the Magdeburg Ministry of the interior, no major damage or roads closed by Flooding were known, however, first of all. A spokesman warned motorists on the highway in front of Aquaplaning. The Saxony-Anhalt also have to leave in the coming days with caution. “The play is intended to stop all night,” said DWD meteorologist. According to the forecast, should be formed also on Sunday there are always new Storm. It will only very slowly from the North East improvement.