From the little Maddie from the UK still lacks any trace, now Rudi Cerne said again.

now, there Is soon clarity in the Missing Maddie McCann*? The little girl disappeared in 2007 without a trace in Portugal-holiday*. It is determined against a 43-year-old German.

Ismaning/Praia da Luz – “We start with a message that has it all” – began with these words Moderator Rudi Cerne shipment “aktenzeichen XY” on last Wednesday. Because, nobody suspected that one of the most spectacular missing cases of the current century, probably shortly before the enlightenment.

Christian B. could be in another case, responsible. The German kidnapped the little Inga in Stendal?

Maddie McCann missing: investigators apply through the “aktenzeichen XY” to the Public

The BKA took advantage of on Wednesday the platform* the ZDF-show, to make a wide audience with the latest information. Because The trace of the little girl Maddie leads to Germany. Since the age of 13, lacking any trace of the then only three years old Madeleine . Now, there is an urgent suspicion against a man from Germany*. He has already been convicted 17 Times, including for penalties in Bavaria.

Two days after the BKA, Wiesbaden was gone with a call to the Public, logged-in now Rudi Cerne, presenter of the cult show, again. Not infrequently, unsolved crimes could be solved with the help of the TV Show but still. In the case of little Maddie also Rudi Cerne is hoping for a big breakthrough.

Madeleine McCann missing: presenter Rudi Cerne speaks in the ZDF morning magazine notes

In the ZDF-morning magazine Cerne said on Friday that the investigators on Wednesday night, hundreds of calls were received. Around 90 of them had landed in the editorial office of the “aktenzeichen XY”. “I can’t speak to the quality of the missed calls still,” says Cerne.

the Moderator stressed: “If the Federal criminal police office is in such a concerted action to the Public – about aktenzeichen XY – a great Podium to reach the Public, the Echo we see since yesterday. Then it must have something in Hand. I believe there is great Confidence in the Federal criminal police office.“

Maddie missing: investigators hope to obtain statements from Confidants

This would go investigator in front of all the witnesses and Acquaintances of the suspect* . “You will now search for contacts, according to people who have come together with this suspects, in any Form, have to speak to them. And, these, shall we say, a member of the group, if could say something, then it will be tight,“ is Cerne sure.