When a plane plummets, should be put in place two investigations: a judicial and a technical, and both have to be independent, in accordance with international norms of aviation safety. While the first seeks to ascertain responsibilities and is based on the laws of the country where a crash has occurred (in this case Iran), the second does not seek to determine responsibilities, but the reasons that led to the event, via a commission in the participating States involved, ” says Carlos San Jose, vice-dean of the Official College of Pilots of Commercial Aviation in Spain (COPAC).


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In technical research is the State where a crash has occurred which should initiate it and direct it during the necessary period of time, according to the international standards regulated by the United Nations through the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). That country, Iran, in the case of the appliance Ukrainian rough the past day 8 after takeoff from Tehran, should form a commission which shall have the right to participate all countries in any way involved in the accident, such as the one where it was manufactured or designed the aircraft and those who have suffered loss in the event. On the flight PS752 died 82 iranian, 63 canadians, 11 ukrainians, 10 swedes, four afghans, three germans and many other british. The members of that commission will be the only ones who have access to the information extracted from the black boxes (two in each plane, commercial) and will make a preliminary report in 30 days.

According to Alejandro Herrera, the Official College of Aeronautical Engineers of Spain, in a situation “normal and usual” the black boxes are provided to the authorities in the country of the aircraft manufacturer (the united States, to be a Boeing). However, there are no missing if you do it the other way, always and when the official report is present in the given time.

Tehran delivered last Thursday a preliminary report to the ICAO. The director of the Civil Aviation Agency of Iran, Ali Abedzadeh, has told the press that the two black boxes of the airplane are analyzed by iranian experts and countries involved, and that the information they contain can be studied “in other countries”.