caught in the storm after being accused of transphobia, J. K Rowling, the English novelist to the origin of the saga Harry Potter is trying to explain. It was revealed Wednesday to have been a victim of domestic violence and sexual assault. She said in a long blog to make these revelations to put into context his controversial comments about transgender persons. “I’m in the spotlight for over twenty years now, and I never spoke publicly of the fact of having myself survived domestic violence and sexual assault,” he wrote. “This is not because I am ashamed that these things could have happened to me, but because it is traumatic to go over and remember. I’m also anxious to protect my daughter from my first marriage”, she added. After a first marriage “violent”, from which it is output “difficult”, J. K. Rowling remarried in 2001 with the scottish physician Neil Murray, “a truly good man”, she said.

The novelist has been accused of transphobia for a tweet during the weekend. She shared an article talking about “people who have their rules”, commenting ironically : “I’m sure we would have had a word for these people. Somebody help me. Feum ? Famme ? Feemm ?”. It has attracted the ire of some internet users, who reminded her that men, transgender people could have their rules and that transgender women are not.

“I have a complex past”

The british actor Daniel Radcliffe, who embodied on-screen Harry Potter, had joined the critics. “Trans women are women”, has he hammered. “Any statement to the contrary erases the identity and dignity of transgender people”. J. K. Rowling has already been charged with being a transphobe. In December, it had expressed its support for Maya Forstater, a researcher dismissed for tweets deemed transphobic on a government project to let people declare their own gender.

“I think the majority of people who identify as trans, not only does not constitute any threat to the other, but are vulnerable,” she wrote Wednesday. “They need to be protected and deserve”. “I’ve done my past, because like any human being on this planet, I have a complex past, that draws my fears, my interests and my views”, she also explained.