As a stand-Builder with Flexibility and creativity for itself and its employees a way out of the short-time working can find, proves Angelo Franke, “expo24seven”.

Inning – Angelo Franke the Online has learned to love business, that’s why he remains. But actually, the 45-Year-old carpenter. To him the exhibition stand construction company “expo24seven heard in the Inninger industrial Park”. As the pandemic broke out, he realized quickly, that this year not much goes on in terms of exhibition stands. When his 74-year-old mother refused then, putting on a mask, because it “goes with so what is not shopping”, came together for the entrepreneurs for a picture. “We have warehouse space, a fleet, warehouse, employees and a small shipping Department. In addition, we have a very creative Marketing Team, and the accounting Department has just also free capacity.“ Since then, to be sewn in the hall of masks, Packed and shipped. The new business is going so well that Franke has expanded during the preparations for the next fairs gradually starts to recover his staff from nine to twelve, and there are at it since June, no short-time workers more.

Actually, it was his mother that provided the initial spark was. “The had a disposable medical mask,” he says. And with this you not wanted to be on the road, as it is all in the beginning anyway, still funny to wear a protection in front of the mouth and nose. “I wanted something that fits better, and what I must not throw away.” So he bought sewing machines and cotton cloth, had his wife Asya and the employees. Soon, he won support for the IWL-workshops in Machtlfing and also produce abroad. Just Franke has delivered to the German pension insurance Central Germany 11 000 masks.

The mask of business ebbs away slowly, now they are everywhere in Abundance and to have all the variations. Franke’s Online store but it keeps running. “We are adaptable,” says the entrepreneur. So he offers “takecare24seven” except for masks, in the meantime, even your own coffee roasting process of a fair-Baristas. “People buy masks and take more coffee,” he says. Also the T-Shirts offered online, are easy to sell. “Courageous & creative” on the chest. This has become Franke’s Motto. His company, he has since 2016 in the industrial Park, Inning/Wörthsee. For 28 years, a native of Hesse lives in Bavaria with his wife and four-year-old son is currently in Reichling (Kreis Landsberg).

“Our business is changing after the pandemic, actually,” says the 45-Year-old. In the exhibition new concepts appeared, such as “Hybrid mass”, as it was the Frankfurt book fair. “The was only open to professional audience, the Rest was virtual.” It also Franke with his Team. “A fascinating subject”, he finds: the connection to the real world, when the clamping plates are worn in the halls, with the virtual world. An order for a trade fair in Vienna, for example, was cancelled and a virtual appearance had been altered. Franke takes up this challenge as well as the, as he had to keep his company after the Shutdown somehow on the Run. With flexibility and creativity, he has managed. And that his mother is not without a mask shop. “The now has a nice collection,” he says.