The fear of a second wave of Covid-19 is day in Antwerp, the largest outbreak of Belgium. The federal government has been forced to take measures restricting the new freedoms social on the whole country. They come into force today. The Belgians are known to restrict their “bubble social” : they do not have to attend only 5 people per household, instead of 15 previously, with the exception of children under 12 years of age.

The private parties, family gatherings, weddings and other social gatherings are limited to a maximum of 10 persons (except children under 12 years of age), by observing a separation physical of 1.5 m. The port of the mask is strongly recommended. With regard to public events, the gauge maximum is set to 100 people inside and 200 people outside, with mask-wearing mandatory. In stores, the Belgians are invited to do their shopping alone and in less than thirty minutes.

Antwerp has 711 cases in 7 days

The increasing cases of coronavirus in Belgium is of concern, especially in the province of Antwerp, which, depending on the day, concentrated between one-half and one-third of new infections. From July 13 to July 19, 498 cases of Covid-19 were detected in the province of Antwerp. The only city of Antwerp focuses 711 in 7 days, far in front of the second municipality, the most affected, Charleroi, with 41 cases. The curfew has been decreed in Antwerp and will apply from 23: 30 to 6 o’clock in the morning. The First minister, Sophie Wilm├Ęs, had spoken of” kindling “epidemiological” in this metropolis populated by more than 500 000 inhabitants. Telework is again strongly recommended. On the whole of Belgium, the progression of cases of coronavirus is 70 % in the week from 19 to 25 July compared with the previous week, more than 327 cases, according to data from the institute of public health Sciensano.

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The anxiety caused by the situation in antwerp is a controversy as typically belgian. The attitude of the mayor of Antwerp, the leader of the flemish nationalist Bart De Wever, is highly criticized by those that call the city to reconfiner before the disaster. Wayward containment, Bart De Wever, who was interviewed on a radio, has estimated that Antwerp was not more affected than another belgian city, but that she was “pointing the finger” because it had been used there more tests and more quickly than elsewhere. “On some of the other large cities, I do, honestly said, concerned about what they know “, he replied.

The minister-president of the Brussels region, Rudi Vervoort, felt targeted by the allusion, and reacted on Twitter to the comments of the flemish nationalist : “Bart De Wever was looking for a scapegoat to divert attention. The region is the victim of any designated because of his disdain for Brussels. I appeal to the maturity. This is not the time to enter the conflict, but to unite our strengths so that we can control the spread of the virus. “On 28 July, Belgium had 66 of 335 cases Covid-19, including 9 822 deaths.

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