What you can’t think of everything to Corona times. The Bad tölz Band’s hometown has been damisch is now an Online concert.

Bad Tölz – the concerts in a time of Corona: The Band comes on stage, starts playing, and using a lot of technique the audience can witness the appearance of a home, and in front of the screen.

A so-called “Live Stream” had also planned the Tölzer Formation of “home damisch” last Sunday night, but unfortunately, there were problems with the Internet. The audience got so off 20.15 a recording to see, which is two hours earlier in the Kurhaus. “It is, however, made no great difference,” insured “the home damisch”-leader of the band, Florian Rein, “except that I was able to take care of me during the Videos to the comments.”

comments from all over the world

And it had in itself. From all over the world, for example Italy, Spain or Holland, and even Russia; but also from Overseas, such as Mexico, Canada, USA, Hawaii and even Australia, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan, viewers had switched to listening to the 75 minutes of weird, poppy, and creates an atmosphere of folk music and at home alone or with family mitzugrooven. “Headbanging alone in my living room,” wrote one, and “Keep Landler!” said another. The wild bird mixture of popular Hits of Pop, Rock and Heavy Metal Genres with folk music of the Oberkrainer style hits the nerve of many party joyful music friends. Concert halls, beer tents and Festivals up and down the country and down the country have brought “home damisch” with their danceable Sound to the boil. It was a “re-listen” of their idiosyncratic versions of “Highway to hell” and “Queen”classics up to “99 air balloons” or “Hit me Baby one more time” at home “rendezvous in Oberkrain”.

Up to 820 spectators there were in the evening, but already the next day, approximately 7000 calls to the Videos could count. “I am amazed where everyone came from,” he says, but suspects that the previously published Youtube Videos had earned them a fan base. Enthusiastic comments were read during the video premiere; everyone could participate.

Unfamiliar experience for musicians

For the musicians, it was an unusual experience, to play alone on the stage in the Kurhaus in front of an empty room. “It felt weird at” is Pure, “dead silence when a song was over, no applause, filling the time between the pieces.” Motivated they felt anyway, because: “We had a great desire to and were glad that we were able to finally make music together again.” In addition to the regular cast, consisting of Conny Kreitmeier, Michi Wiedenmann, Max grass müller, Dominik Glöbl, Martin Schnitzer, Markus Orterer and Benedict Waldmann three guest musicians for the recordings to be invited: Alex Wesselsky and Christian Shoe Beck as a singer and Christian Loferer with the Alphorn.

no concrete real performances of “home to are planned damisch”, only in August, a drive-in theater concert. Florian is convinced that it will not be ready for you starting in September yet again. Therefore, the musicians use the time to record a new CD and to give a second Live-Stream concert.

The next big Tour is for 2022 in work. To find those who want to see the Video itself: it is on Youtube under “home damisch”.

Text: Ines Goku’s