On Germany’s only high sea island of Helgoland have started the guillemots again your unique spectacle. Although they cannot fly, even plunge since the beginning of the week the Chicks from up to 40 meters in height of the cliffs to enter the sea to their parents, as the ornithological reserve managers of the Association Jordsand on the island of Helgoland, Elmar Ballstaedt said. The spectacle of nature will continue in any case until the end of June.

Some of the three-week-old animals jump, therefore, directly into the water, others on the ground, depending on the starting point. Even though the animals are not able to fly, survive thanks to their fat padding and their lightweight Bone structure in General, without prejudice to jumps of up to 150 metres in height – much higher than the cliffs on the island of Helgoland.

the target of the jump is to get your parents into the water, which can provide you easier to get with food. “This is a big step,” said Ballstaedt. Some of the animals tried to do this for three to four days and did not dare. Also the parents can see the Stress.

The Lummenpopulation it goes according to the experts, well. More than 4000 Lummenpaare you have counted in the past year – a record figure. Together with the bird Observatory and the Helgoland tourism Service organised by his club for up to 25. June, the Lummentage with guided tours, lectures and ornithological tours.

Heligoland is, according to the tourism Service, the only breeding place of the high-seabirds known in Germany and provides habitat for more than 400 documented species of birds. About the Fulmar, and Northern Gannet, the Razorbill, Kittiwake or Guillemot is to be found in Germany just to be here.