The Tennis season in Bavaria begins next weekend. Much is different this year, too, from the würm valley, only a few Teams at the Start – and the two clubs are even.

Würmtal – It is long and quite, has decided at the end of the Bavarian Tennis Association (BTV) to the summer round of 2020, in spite of the Corona-pandemic not fail. From next weekend the Ball flies back. However, the On – and-descent rule be suspended and clubs were able to subsequently log off even teams.

Two clubs from the Würmtal all the Tennis Teams withdraw

The clubs from the Würmtal have handled it differently. So find the TC Green-and-White Gräfelfing and TC Blue-instead of White Gräfelfing (tennis Department of the TSV Gräfelfing) no Medenrunden games. “We have made it easy for us, but then decided, all Teams withdraw,” says Petra Schmid-Kirmer, Blue-and-White-chair.

ultimately, several factors had tipped the scales. “The team leaders a lot of responsibility would come, so that all the Hygiene conditions are fulfilled. We didn’t want to block our not in a team game, members of the already shortened game time through the point of the slots games in addition,“ explains Schmid-Kirmer.

friendship games and LK tournaments as a replacement

neighbouring TCGW had similar reasons, all 31 Teams to sign out. “Our ambitious players will have the regrets, of course, but in the end, a large majority of viewed,” reports Board member Christiane Zinner. In order to keep the athletes mood, is to make internal competitions for variety. “I also assume that soon performance classes-tournaments can take place,” said Zinner.

When the young are conceived to combine friendly matches with the Neighbor. Because both the TC nine mountain, the tennis division of the SV Planegg-Krailling, as well as the DJK Würmtal each have their youth – and youth teams of the official round withdrawn. “That will be all become difficult, especially in away games. Several children in the car are not possible,“ says Yannick Libeer, Deputy Chairman of the DJK-tennis Department. Elke Bishop, head of the Department of the TCN, adding: “It allows no spectators, so no parents.” In adults some of the teams are in two Clubs at the Start.

the Board of the TC Gauting from members

if it Was up to Mika Unting, would also be riding the TC Gauting no player in this summer’s the point of games best. “I then met together with the Board the desire of the teams that have opted explicitly for the point game mode”, with shares of TCG-sports Director. “I have adjusted the game plan in a way that never more than three teams play at the same time.”

must also hold, of course, all of the athletes to the strict hygiene regulations. “So far, it works in Training but very good,” says Unting. Furthermore, all guests to sign a waiver. “In order for the Board of Directors may not be held liable,” explains the friends.

senior leagues will not materialize

In some leagues, so many Teams have signed off that there is no season more comes. This applies especially to many of the higher-class seniors leagues. “We would like to have played, but can understand the reaction of other clubs. The effort is, in part, already great, especially if you have a long journey,“ says Rainer Weber, Vice-Chairman of the TV Stockdorf. His club, which has celebrated in the past years, great achievements in the senior area, reported only a few teams again.

the same is true for the TSV pentene Ried, in which only the men’s 70 will not be charged. “I am pleased to be able to liberated to play. It is neither – nor descent,“ says head of Department Henning Wicht. Self-dual are now possible again.