the social-democratic deputies Ulrich Watermann (Parliament), and Johannes Schraps (Bundestag) explain Federal and state governments have jointly developed a new structure of urban development from 2020 onwards: In three (instead of six) funded programs, a total of 790 million euros are available nationwide. Add to this a precondition of climate change/climate change adaptation, including urban green is also the possibility of stronger inter-municipal cooperation, in addition to the funding.

From the urban development funding programme “Living centers” benefit Coppenbr├╝gge and salt village to inhibit with 643 000 euros. Hameln will receive a total of 1 689 000 euros, of which 653 have been approved 000 Euro for the modernisation and renewal of the promenade of the river Weser, of the place and the appreciation of the island, and a further 570 000 euros for the Hamelner old part of town.

For the re-use of Bailey parks in the city out of the funding programme “growth and sustainable renewal” receives a total of 466 000 Euro. “Investments such as the urban development funding programme are important instruments in order to strengthen the cohesion in our country”, said the Deputy.


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