He died on Wednesday at the age of 93 years, said the theatre ship Hamburg – The ship. According to the figures, Möbius had founded the theatre ship, together with his wife Christa in 1975, and the floating stage in the Nikolai fleet operated for 25 years. It is until today the only oceangoing theatre ship in Europe and have now found many imitators. In December of the Möbius have supported the upcoming renovation through his visit at the charity concert in the Elbphilharmonie. It is a great pity that “Möbi” will now witness the re-opening of the renovated theater ship, said the theatre ship-managing Director Heiko Schlesselmann. “So not only thanks for this great site and the Chance of his life’s work to continue and remain to me.”

the artistic Director of The theater ship, Michael Frowin, said: “His enthusiasm, his artistic passion and his unwavering optimism, encouraging us to today – and especially in these particularly for small theatre in difficult times – not to believe and the courage of a Vision – so how Möbi in the founding of the theater ship 45 years ago.”

Möbius began his acting career to the Second world war, at the municipal theatre in Wernigerode. In 1958, he moved to Hamburg and worked as a ship – and boiler cleaner in the port. In addition, he appeared on the stage before he acquired with his wife the theater ship.