According to police, the man around 19 o’clock was the guest of his former girlfriend, and together they consumed alcohol. At first, everything was peaceful and by mutual agreement. Then the argument escalated.

Hamburg: a woman jumps to a major dispute out of the window

At the first, apparently, only a verbal confrontation, the teen son came to be. With him, the drunken man (1.9 per mil) in a fight. The 41-Year-old was simple and her Ex-boyfriend to move in. Shortly thereafter, appeared again at the apartment.

As he was let in, he should have immediately struck the son in the face. The ran across the stairwell into the open, chose the emergency and informed the police. The 42-Year-old opened a drawer in the kitchen and took out a knife. He began after a preliminary investigation, to threaten his Ex with the death. The woman saw only one way out – the window behind her.

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In the case of the jump from the Mezzanine apartment she broke her ankle. They came in a hospital, a police spokesman for MOPO. “The man was found in the crime scene vicinity and provisionally detained.” He should have the calls of the officials to resist. He had to spend in the drunk tank the night in the cell. The knife was found in the immediate vicinity of the house.

This article was written by Daniel Gözübüyük

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