Almost everything seems to be carefree and normal. But appearances are deceptive quite decided. The restaurants, the water is up to your neck. “Every third operation is in big trouble. We expect many insolvencies,“ says Dehoga President Franz J. Klein. The Hamburg scene-restaurateurs handed over a Petition now in Berlin.

It all looks at first glance much more relaxed. Pentecost is about the town was full. People were sitting out in front of the Café and strolled through the city. In front of Alex, there were long queues and the maiden, many families and couples were sitting rose cheerful on the water.

But for restaurateurs, the so-called are relaxation no relaxation of the situation. “It is now even more difficult than during the lock downs,” says Frank Chemnitz.

Chemnitz is one of the operators of the “Hobenköök”, a in the in the summer of 2018, the newly opened Restaurant with a market hall in the upper port. The ambitious Team had built up a customer base, as the Corona-crisis came.

“Now we are starting virtually from Zero,” says Chemnitz. Since the Restaurant is allowed to open it again, there is reached only about 25 percent of what is otherwise normal. Only the absolute regular customers are there.

Since Corona: Hamburger go less to the Restaurant

But at the same time the cost fast again. “There are fewer guests for coming, but we need to employ several cooks, dishwashers, service staff, bartender and Co, so that everything runs.”

And even if the Hamburger would have to go for the food: It may because of the distance, only 50 percent of the tables of rules will be used. According to the Dehoga can be for restaurateurs never cover costs. And by the Hygiene regulations, additional new costs.

Chemnitz observation: guests are not very insecure, know how to behave. “To ease back is that will last,” he predicts. “The need to get out from the heads back.” And it’ll even now be noticeable that a lot of people in short-time work, the people would, apparently, save to go when you eat.

Hamburg is a lack of tourists: Restaurants, not busy, after Corona

What is charged to the “Hobenköök”and many other Restaurants also: tourism is not yet running again, there are hardly any foreign guests in the city and a nice dinner, want to go. And because a lot of Hamburger are currently in the home office because of the only temporarily opened schools and daycare centers also suffer from the lunch tables, with the guests lack.

best outdoor dining works there. The seats are clearly occupied better inside the spared areas often. “We are partially in demand even fearful of what is going on because, if it starts to rain,” says Holger Völsch, managing Director of Restaurants “Trude” (Barmbek) and “Old girl” (Schanzenhöfe).

Völsch is disillusioned. “The business is only running behavior, we are at 25 percent of our sales of Corona. We would have expected very different.“ The Restaurants would be the sanitation and clearance rules conscientiously comply with.

Restaurant Trude in Barmbek: sales only at 25 percent

Everything is constantly being disinfected, guests must also handle the extra bit, and QR Code were extra dining cards introduced. Völsch: “I don’t hear, however, from the known circle that many people go to the Gastro, because you need to specify your contact information.”

the Other guests to solve the Problem on their nature: Currently Völsch and other restaurateurs have particularly many visitors, the hot, Meyer, Miller, or Mickey Mouse.

Völsch: “We yearn, that other restrictions drop. In North Rhine people from ten different house may Westfalen again, keep at the table. So what helps a lot because we miss precisely these social groups.“

Dehoga: 30 percent of the Restaurants in trouble

The German Hotel and restaurant Association (Dehoga) expects many insolvencies in the course of this year and next year. “30 percent of businesses nationwide are in big trouble,” says Hamburg, Dehoga President Franz J. Klein.

“many employees are on short-time work. But it could be a wave of redundancies on us.“ Because the gastronomy’ve still a long thirst in front of him.

for Additional loans would not help the catering and the Hotels at all really. “That must be paid back, but the people do not get the food to go Yes. You do not suddenly double.“ Where should get the caterers so the money for repayment of loans?

Corona rescue Fund: sales tax will be reduced

Now, the Federal government presented its economic program for the Corona-crisis. It also contains guides for the gastronomy. So the VAT will be reduced in a number of points, food for a year from 19 to seven percent.

three-month “bridging assistance” from the rescue Fund of the Federation Added. 50 to 80 percent of the fixed operating costs (personnel, Rent etc) for three months refunded. The totals are capped. An example: In the case of companies with up to ten employees, there will be a maximum of 15,000 euros. In the case of larger maximum of 150,000 Euro.

Dehoga skeptical: Corona-AIDS are not enough

The Dehoga is skeptical that this is enough: “The proposed amounts are too low. Bridging loans for three months, clearly too short“, so Dehoga President Guido Zöllick. He calls for an expansion to seven months.

The crisis is too great, the catering is. Due to the distance the shops are occupied, rules, half, can only reach about 50 percent of sales. Who has no external surfaces, even considerably less. “All of this offers us no perspective,” says Johannes Riffelmacher from the “Salt&Silver”on the port road.

Kitchen Guerilla in Hamburg: event-Gastro-on the floor

For the “Kitchen Guerilla” by Koral Elci, it looks even bleaker. Because Catering is currently and for the foreseeable future, is still completely on the ground. Because it must meet, up to now, only ten people from two families. In order for weddings, birthdays, major Events fall flat. Elci: “For me, 80 to 90 percent of the business fall away. As a tax helps to reduce hardly.“ The aid should be more geared to the real cost structure of each of the very different farms.

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Riffelmacher says: “I don’t like even if people don’t whine that it’s enough. But the situation in the gastronomy is not just, it’s enough.“ He has started at the end of April, together with Koral Elci (Kitchen Guerilla), Patrick Rüther (Overflowing), and others, a Petition to the rescue of gastronomy. More than 123,000 people have signed it. On Monday, the 15. June will pass in Berlin, economy Minister Peter Altmeier.

This article by Sandra Schäfer

*The contribution of “Gastro-scene: Hamburger owners desperately: a Little guests, the threat of insolvency” was drafted and published by Mopo. Contact with the executives here.