at the beginning of 5. June, there is a penumbral Eclipse of the moon that is visible from earth. We reveal what to expect from the astronomical event.

5. June, in Germany there is a partial Eclipse of the moon . The earth is between the sun and the moon and the guard throws your shade on the earth. The phenomenon can be between 21 and 23 o’clock.

The evening of the 5th. June there is a clearly visible half-shadow Eclipse of the moon. The earth moves in solar and moon , so that your shadow falls on the earth’s satellites. About half the moon will be obscured to 21: 24 Central European time (CET), before it dissolves slowly back out of the shadows.

This phenomenon is called lunar Eclipse referred to. Since the moon is in this case, however, only in the half shadow of the earth, is a half-shadow Eclipse of the moon. In addition strong> is such an operation <full moon – as it is on the 5. June is given.

half-shadow Eclipse of the moon: moonrise 21 PM

The show starts at 19.45 – in theory. Practically, the moon in Germany at this time is beyond the horizon is hidden . Only to 21 he comes out. And also if you have a free view has. Houses or trees in the immediate vicinity can obstruct the view.

it is best, therefore, to find a place . About a hill, a tower or the roof of a House. Then you see the moon, namely, in the impressive Moment when he is directly over the horizon. By an Illusion, we perceive it then that is bigger than he really is.

half-shadow Eclipse of the moon: the moon is close to item to the earth

But in reality the moon this evening is comparatively large, since it is only 369.000 km . The distance between the earth and the moon varies between 356,000 and 406,000 in-game kilometers. If there is, at the time of the largest perigee full moon, it is called in the vernacular of a super moon.

A penumbral lunar Eclipse is relatively unspectacular . The blackout is not so serious, as it is during a solar Eclipse the case. At the last Eclipse, some observers were, therefore, also slightly irritated.

half-shadow Eclipse of the moon With the telescope, you see more and more

For Amateur astronomers it is still an exciting spectacle, with a telescope still a little bit better to watch.

But also the naked eye you can follow the blackout between moonrise 21 PM and the end of the half-shadow Eclipse of the moon 23 watch .