again occurred two serious Bicycle accidents last weekend on the Isartrails in green forest and baierbrunn. The two bike riders had to be brought with the ambulance into a hospital.

green forest/Baierbrunn – A 20-Year-old from Munich was with his mountain bike on Friday at noon in the green forest on the road, according to police. The young man left against 14 at the paved road and drove along the Trail. At one of the illegal ramp of 20 rushed-Year-old, report it to the officials. The cyclist was not wearing a helmet and was probably traveling alone. The ambulance brought the Munich with serious head injuries in the Klinikum Großhadern. Permanent damage does not exclude the police.

ambulance brings a woman in a Munich hospital

More happiness, a 45-year-old woman from the southern district had. It was on Sunday morning, at about 10.15 am, with your bike on the Isartrails in Baierbrunn on the road, according to police. In the roof area, 200 meters from the Hermann-Roth-Weg away, lost them after the initial investigations, the police control over your bike. The 45-Year-old crashed to the ground. You bounced with your right shoulder on the ground and was badly hurt. Head injuries prevented her Bicycle helmet, report it to the officials. The ambulance brought the 45-year-old woman in the Klinikum München Süd.

On the Isartrails in Munich, died on Sunday, a mountain biker (13). He overturned. A few days earlier, another mountain biker died on the Isartrails.