About three months, the handball players were in the hall. That’s why it went in the opening first, to have once again the feeling to be a handball player. “In the first Phase, we are dependent on what associated with the Corona-pandemic together. We will stick to the rules, of course, but also try to come back into the game. We don’t want to bolt static condition”, introduces the new HSG-Trainer Matthias Deppe his Plan for the first days of training and weeks.

as for the next few weeks, dared HSG-player Dominik Malolepszy no view: “I have no ideas how it will run. I hope that we can make as much as possible with the Ball and quickly to be normal.” The reality at the opening looked like that of the 14 players in the hall of your Exercises completed, while the other four turned in their laps.

Malolepszy was in the past season, the best pitcher in the League. An award, which he provides but to the team’s success: “Clearly, the score is beautiful, and you are happy about it. But the goal was to ascend and master. I had it relatively easy because I was always playing well.” With regard to the season’s goal is Malolepszy with his Trainer in unison: “The goal must be to beat the three Relegated and the two Mitaufsteiger. We intend to address the target group as a result.”

Also coach Matthias Deppe sets a clear direction for the upcoming season: “We want to put in the League firmly. If it is the Non-descent, we have made allees correctly, if it is better, I would be happy. It is difficult for us, because it’s a completely new season and we need to see what requirements are specified by the HHV.”

the season will kick off as planned on the second weekend of September, no doubt Deppe continues to be strong: “I think we get that in the next two, three months so on the stage that we can start again. I would be glad if I’m wrong.” First of all, the focus is already in it, under difficult conditions and requirements, a season of preparation. (tw)

*The contribution of “large lüder/grove cell with a training kick-off that feels different,” published by Osthessen News. Contact with the executives here.

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