99.4 per cent of the novel corona virus can be killed using a short wavelength, energy rich UVC radiation in a matter of seconds. The Experiments show that the Gräfelfinger company, Dr. Hönle AG, now in Frankfurt to perform let.

In a laboratory In Frankfurt, the irradiation of corona has been tested for viruses with devices of the Gräfelfinger company, Dr. Hönle AG. The viruses were irradiated with UVC discharge lamps and UV-LED. The kill rate of the Virus was 99.4 per cent – the results of the Tests could have far-reaching consequences.

Gräfelfing – employees of the Institute for Medical Virology of the University hospital of Frankfurt tested in the last week, the radiation of corona virus devices Dr. Hönle series Stericube and Steriair . “The grown in Petri dishes being viruses were in an S3-laboratory is irradiated, what level for security level 3, the second highest level of laboratory security,” says Dieter Stirner, sales Director at Dr. Hönle. The cultured coronaviruses were irradiated from a different distance and length “with the two techniques, UVC-discharge lamps , as well as UV-LED,” says Stirner.

Coronavirus: Almost all of corona viruses in the laboratory test by UVC-radiation killed

The total in the laboratory, mortality rate reached with both techniques, 99.4 percent was . Almost all of the corona virus were disabled by the UVC-radiation and harmless to be made. Only a few seconds were necessary for this – a great success in the fight against the SARS-CoV-2-viruses , many experts had suspected and has now been proven scientifically. The Gräfelfinger company had to let the Trials in Frankfurt, as in the laboratory nor in the short term, capacity was available. Soon there will be more Attempts to the Fraunhofer Institute .

Coronavirus-map: A Data Scientists Team from Germany shows how the Virus-propagation runs in real – time worldwide Figures are available.

Coronavirus: By UVC-irradiation – risk of infection with Covid-19, we can minimize

By Frankfurt’s results, however, is already clear, that UVC irradiation the risk of infection with Covid-19 in the air, or by surface to minimize – for example, if the Virus suits on protection, books, teaching AIDS in schools and universities, eyewear is located at an optician’s, shoes and handbags in a store or on the money.

As the First had been infected in Germany, a 33-year-old Bayer with the Coronavirus. He was treated in the Munich Schwabing hospital. Why is it there?

Coronavirus in Bavaria: UVC-could radiation to sterilize air, for example, in the waiting room

Also the disinfection of the air about waiting rooms, guest kitchens, and classrooms is through the UVC-radiation is possible. The Dr. Hönle AG has, therefore, modified their device series Stericube and Steriair more for the Corona-use. The devices, the irradiation for the UVC can be used, depending on the discharge or LED technology, the type and number of pieces for 500 to a few Thousand Euro directly at Dr. Hönle available.

The Dr. Hönle AG, with headquarters in Gräfelfing, is one of the world’s leading suppliers for industrial UV technology. The Gräfelfinger develop, produce and distribute UV/LED-UV systems, UV lamps and UV measurement.

The Coronavirus is since weeks in the headlines. The Virus seems to be highly contagious and spreads rapidly. The first report of this lung disease not long ago.

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