Since the RKI is the Healthier in 100 jumps to the bottom, and sometimes, like today, in the state of Hesse, not at all, the Numbers increase in the meantime, fall but back in a day significantly.

The number of cases in the district of Fulda is today, according to the RKI at 396 and has not grown since yesterday Morning. There have been 13 deaths. 353 Corona-patients are recovered, so that there are currently 30 Covid-19-Ill. In the hospitals in the County only three Covid be treated 19 patients. The number of smears in the district is so far, a total of 6053. In quarantine 121 people, including the residents, property residents of the community, “grotto are currently” in Hünfeld. The inhabitants of the other two Hünfeld community facilities are allowed accommodations to leave – with the exception of a total of three persons have tested positive for the Virus. They are each housed in single rooms.

According to RKI, there are currently in Germany 197.783 Corona cases. 9048 people have died on the Virus. According to the RKI 183.600 Infected nationwide are healthy again. So we are currently at 5135 Corona-ill nationwide. The are 70 less than yesterday.

According to the Johns Hopkins University in the world 12.123.257 people are infected. There is, therefore, 551.384 confirmed deaths, about 6,65 million of confirmed Infected are healthy again. Most of the cases there is in the United States. Here, it is now about to 3.08 million, behind Brazil, with more than 1.71 million, India with over 767.000, Russia with over 706.000, Peru, with more than 312.000, Chile, with over a 306,000, the United Kingdom, with more than 289,000, Mexico with over 275,000, Spain with over 253.000, and Iran, with over 250,000. Germany is here with 199.001 cases, and 9057 dead. In the USA there are now over 132.800, in Brazil, about 67.900, in great Britain, of the approximately 44,600, in Italy, 34.900, in Mexico over a total 32,700, in France, 29.900 and Spain on 28.400. Due to the Situation in Brazil, the number of dead is probably much higher than the number of officially registered cases.

We call : caution is good and important – panic is not appropriate – fear is not a good guide

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This article was written by Ralph Görlich

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