After the knife attack on the Berlin physician Fritz von Weizsäcker, the defendant shocked with his confession.

After the knife attack on Fritz von Weizsäcker, the process against the attacker started now. The defendant does not regret the fact. Statements before the court shock.

Berlin – The fatal knife attack on Berlin’s chief doctor, Fritz von Weizsäcker shocked in November 2019, now the defendant made a full confession. The statements of the accused were responsible for the horror, because Gregor S. showed on Tuesday absolutely no remorse.

process after knife attack on Fritz von Weizsäcker admits defendant

“I killed the son of the former Federal President ,” said Gregor S. on Tuesday before the Berlin district court. But that’s not enough, shocked the defendant with his lack of remorse: “I’m glad he’s dead.” As a subject for the attack of 19. November 2019, he gave year-long hatred of Richard von Weizsäcker.

He admitted in the statement on the second Day , to have the fact for a long time planned to be dedicated from his home in Rhineland-Palatinate, in accordance with Berlin traveled. There, he went to the castle Park hospital, where Fritz von Weizsäcker, as the head of the hospital worked for interior medicine . The fact had happened in the hospital in a lecture from the physician.

Berlin: defendant admits deadly attack on Fritz von Weizsäcker

p. to stand according to your own statements towards the end of the presentation from the audience and stabbed with a specially purchased folding knife on von Weizsäcker. Von Weizsäcker, an air embolism, where he died shortly afterwards suffered.

Although, in fact, a police officer all of the steps, visited the event, could not be saved, the physician. On him, stabbed the 57-Year-old also, as he explained. S. be accused because of this second attack is not only murder but also attempted murder, and a dangerous personal injury . S. was arrested on the Day fixed. “I’m to be locked up for the Rest of my life, it was clear to me,” he said on Tuesday.

Berlin: defendant repents knife attack on Fritz von Weizsäcker

He does not regret the fact. “That was my life.” The 57-Year-old was to keep Richard von Weizsäcker played a role in the production of the defoliation by Agent Orange. US troops had sprayed in Vietnam war millions of liters of Agent Orange in the South of Vietnam. The poison is made up today, for severe deformities, cancers and disabilities in the Vietnamese population.

The German referred to himself several times as “traumatized” by the war in Vietnam. Be Trauma have started at the beginning of the 90s, after he had read, among other things, an article of the magazine “Spiegel” about the topic.

Berlin: defendants reported that of its own “Trauma”

A Central point in the process the fault capacity of a man is. The public Prosecutor’s office assumes that S. committed the offense “in a state of significantly diminished responsibility”.

S. itself rejected this in his statement on Tuesday, however vehemently, even if he described himself as “obsessive Compulsive” and a “weak nervous system” certified. His capacity for Guilt is not, however, limited. The question should be clarified in the main hearing using a psychiatric expert.

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