When cars cyclists extra-urban overtaking, you must adhere to now more distance. Freising, chief of police Ernst Neuner hopes on mutual respect and patience.

County – in the Future cars must observe when Overtaking cyclists extra urban areas at a two Meter distance. So a new transport rule, which is jointly entered into with the other at the end of April in power want it. On narrow municipal roads, mutual respect and patience is needed, therefore, among the traffic participants. Otherwise, unpleasant consequences.

“road safety”

so Far, the speech was in the rules of the road only from a “sufficient distance” when Overtaking, reported Ernst Neuner, head of the Freisinger police. “More precisely it was not defined” – even if, in the court of the concrete spacing judgments from time to time have been named. “A legal hand but I was not.”

This is now different. Urban motorists when Overtaking pedestrians, cyclists, and riders of electric micro keep vehicles from now on, one and a half meters distance, extra-urban two meters. “The weaker traffic participants should be better protected, and generally more safety in road transport,” explains Neuner. “We welcome that.”

However, the law provides the police with new challenges. Because compliance with the rules is not a monitor for the guards easily. “First of all, it is extremely difficult to measure distances,” explains Neuner. “We will address it but a focus – for example, on the basis of various focus checks, in which we intend to also educate.” Because one thing is clear: new regulations would be complied with, whether the control pressure is necessary.

Revised traffic regulations could have significant consequences

in need But also for the municipalities amendment challenges arise due to the law, such as the Freisinger police chief also explained: “to be able to the minimum distance when Overtaking extra-urban adhere to, I have a road width of five meters. And various municipal roads.“ Neuner hopes, therefore, mutual consideration among the traffic participants. “A partnership with each other would be desirable, for example, that a cyclist stops to the right, a Car passing let that happen.”

it Should come on some streets, but time and again, problems or accidents at all, it keeps Neuner is not excluded, that streets for individual traffic participants would have to be locked. Would it then probably the drivers. It was, however, the task of the road construction load carrier: the municipalities. “The need to check and decide.”

Neuner expects that the new minimum distance when Overtaking for the construction of wider roads in the long term, a larger area was needed. “But that is a political decision.”

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