The naked-eye visible comet C/2020 F3 (Neowise) is fascinating currently, astronomers and Star enthusiasts. Also on the star Feuerstein in Ebermannstadt has the head of Frank Fleischmann captured the comet photographically waiting.

The comet was at 31. March discovered by a telescope and the Wise satellite (Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer). The satellite program in the Wise satellite lasted from December 2009 to February 2011 and consisted of a cataloging of objects in the infrared range. In September 2013, the project Neowise was launched, in the near-earth objects (Neo = Near Earth Objects) should be investigated. The project gave the discovered the comet its name.

comet’s nucleus was hot

On 3. July 2020 through the delivery of the comet’s nucleus to its nearest point, about a quarter of the earth-sun distance. “By the increasingly strong radiation near the sun the comet’s core was hot and has since produced a lot of volatile gases and dust, which were illuminated by the intense light of the sun – more than ten times in comparison, here on earth – bright,” explains Frank Fleischmann. Meanwhile, the comet from the sun, the earth comes closer to but still. The least distance from the earth, with about 100 million kilometres, is on 23. July given. Currently, the comet is good and low in the Northern sky with the naked eye to identify.

“worse, we will be able to see him throughout the summer in the direction of Jupiter so to the South – away from,” explains the physicist Fleischmann, “with its long orbital period around the sun, people will be able to admire the comet may be about 6800 years in the sky”.

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