The opportunity should not reoccur for several years. In the north of Italy, a medieval village engulfed since 1946 under the waters of an artificial lake, is preparing to re-surface, as reported in Vanity Fair. Fabbriche di Careggine had been plunged under water for the needs of the construction of a dam in the province of Lucca. Its population was then transferred on a slope of the nearby hill.

In 1994, the remains of the village were able to be re-observed after an operation of drainage of lake Vagli, to maintain the dam at the top of 92 meters. Over a million tourists had made the trip to discover the short-lived site, before the waters come again the cover.

An operation for the drainage scheduled for 2021

according To Lorenza Giorgi, daughter of a former mayor of the region, several sources have confirmed that a new operation of drainage should take place in 2021. She made the announcement on his account Facebook. “I hope that next year, thanks to the past experience that everyone remembers and with the help of social networks, we will be able to repeat this huge success, with just as much caution,” she wrote.

According to Sky News, who interviewed Enel, the operator responsible for the dam, ” a memorandum of agreement on the project among other local initiatives of development is being formalised between our group and the municipality of Vagli di Sotto “. Once again, the lake of Vagli should be drained. Fabbriche di Careggine is composed of several stone houses, a church, a cemetery and a bridge. These constructions can be observed that when the 34 million cubic metres of water are removed.