This is, among other things, the construction of the ship with the number 774. “We are in good negotiations with the customer of the new building 774, with other potential funding partners for the completion of the ship, and with sub-contractors,” said Stefan Denkhaus of the German press Agency on demand. “In Parallel, we carry out initial talks with other possible clients.” Currently being prepared with a robust Plan to end the bankruptcy. “For in the event that this succeeds, we have the sympathetic consideration of applications for provision of state guarantees in view.” Schleswig-Holstein’s Economics Minister Bernd Buchholz had said at the end of April, when the yard had emerged from the bankruptcy and an auditor must protest a positive future, “then you can of course also be thought about state guarantees, and we will do favorably.”

The district court of Flensburg, Germany, had on 24. April arranged at the request of the shipyard, the preliminary self-administration. Goal is the restoration and continuation of the company. The workforce of the shipyard for months in short-time work. Due to the Corona pandemic, the shipyard has also at 19. March operation and production will be temporarily suspended. In the case of the FSG around 650 employees.