Five players between 16 and 18 years of age in the coming season to the extended squad of the EC Peiting. In order to manage to establish themselves, not enough Talent alone.

For his work with young players has been awarded the EC Peiting recently with three stars. This is what makes the ice hockey upper League team, of course, pride. Much more important are other fruits, the promotion of talents are but And the are those players who make the leap to the first team. This week, the ECP announced five names of young athletes who belong in the upcoming season of the top League Teams.

Three players were already in the upper League on the ice

Three of them have already been collected in the past season of experience in the adult: the defender Maximilian Söll (18 years old/24 games/3 Assists) and forward Markus Czogallik (18 years old/6 games/no scorer points) and Tim Mühlegger (18 years old/4 games/no scorer points). New Stefan hall (defender/16 years) and Dennis Krutsch (striker/16) slides in the extended squad.

“of Course we are glad to have a functioning base for the first team,” says ECP team Manager Gordon Borberg. “Logically, there are always cohorts, where a small hole in it, but in principle, we can skim off regularly for our major League squad.”

Biss and patience in addition to Talent

So that a player can establish in the first team, according to Borberg “the Talent, the necessary bite and patience”. You would have to grow in the new task in. “It is good, if the young in the positive sense, are impatient and want to play, but one after the other,” says the team Manager.

Then it can go even higher – as is the case with Fabian Dietz, made from Peiting from the jump in the was del2, and then in the DEL. “He wanted to ran with 16 always, has played only little, stayed at it,” recalls Borberg. “We have really good guys whose use we want to expand more and more and hope that the ECP benefits from it.”