The emergency call was at 1 am in the headquarters of the fire brigade. The caller reported rooms, strong smoke from the basement. When rescuers arrived at the site, was already smoky in the whole house. Two residents had to be rescued.

cleared while firefighters to the fire in the basement, they were on another Brand’s attention. In a Garage adjacent to the house, burned a Car. After an hour, the 60 of the rescuers had the fire under control. More Hamburg here

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Two fire in the Heide circle: Was it arson hate?

At random not believe the residents. Already in the run-up was deliberately broken a ground-floor apartment and insults against the living man carved into the walls and wooden parts.

Now his vehicle burned exactly in the Garage and his clothes in the basement. The police has started the investigation. Up to 40 degrees are possible: Extreme heat wave rolls on to Germany to PCP Up to 40 degrees are possible: Extreme heat wave rolls

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