The caller also reported a burning smell in the staircase room. In the case of the exploration it was found that no persons were staying in the apartment and the smoke detector gave a high pitched deafening noise. The entrance door was forcibly opened by the fire Department. In the living room, a pillow was burning, and had already smoked the entire apartment. An assault squad with breathing apparatus and a small extinguisher to put out the fire and entrauchte the apartment. No one was hurt. After about 20 minutes, people were able to go back to their homes. The existing smoke detectors in the apartment the fire was quickly noticed in the entire multi-family house, and thus worse than prevented.

In the use of the fire and rescue station III (Rheydt), the assistance vehicle of the fire and rescue station II (Holt), and the unit Rheydt of the volunteer fire Department and the rescue service and the management service of the professional fire brigade.

dispatcher: BA Martin, Bonn

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