He likes to Miesbach, and the Miesbacher like him. Nevertheless, parochial vicar Korbinian Wirzberger has to adopt at the beginning of July from the circle city. He is military chaplains.

Miesbach – He lives with his dog Lucy at the rectory, roll out with the fire Department, to fires the TEV Miesbach in the rink and also have time for a beer at the Bräuwirt to: Korbinian Wirzberger (37) has struck roots in his almost three years as a parochial vicar in Miesbach. With his relaxed manner, the young clergyman, quickly conquered from Garmisch-Partenkirchen, the heart of the believer in the circle city, which, after the departure of Stefan Füger, and the following priests time had finally desired again, a popular priest at the Altar.

But now it is time to say goodbye. The Archbishop’s Ordinariate has Wirzberger to 1. July, a new task is given. The 37-Year-old military chaplain at four military bases in Weiden in the upper Palatinate. Actually, he would have to Miesbach, a year ago left, explains Wirzberger. The normal procedure prior to see that a chaplain will compete five years after the ordination of a new, permanent position. Either in the territorial or in the categorical pastoral care to enter. While the former refers to the classic Priest’s career in a parish, referred to spiritual tasks in hospitals or in the military.

Wirzberger makes no secret of the fact that he would have liked to stay in Miesbach. “I felt extremely comfortable in this lovable city,” he says. It gave him a lot of fun to be the Mies bachern a contact person. He is now stopped as a result of the restructuring of the ordinary for even a year longer than planned in the circle city, don’t make the departure any easier.

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But the 37-Year-old is also looking forward to his new task. The Church loan him to a certain extent, the Bundeswehr. “This is kind of a place between the cross and the sword,” says Wirzberger and laughs. In fact, he advocates in the state service, on the level of Lieutenant Colonel. “A direct authority, but I didn’t,” adds Wirzberger with a grin.

+ Michael angel comes to Miesbach.©Archiepiscopal Ordinariate of Munich

Nevertheless, under the pastoral care of the vagina from that of a parish. The clientele, including many recruits, was younger and more secular. “Because you have to get that much more intense to the thing,” white Wirzberger. But he is confident that he can build up a good rapport with the young soldiers. Quite say goodbye to his current duties, he must not but. On the weekends, if in the barracks, not much was going on, help he is in one of the neighbouring parishes, explained the 37-Year-old.

The Miesbach may, however, meanwhile, as of 1. September to welcome a new parochial vicar in the parish Church. Michael Engel, of the home comes from originally, because in the past three years as a chaplain in the district Church of Rosenheim on the Inn has been the changes to Miesbach. In a short presentation in the parish the letter he’s sending a greeting to: “I look forward to many meetings!”