He follows from or have not paid social security contributions and undue transfer of benefits, according to the main customs office in Erfurt on Tuesday. Courts have imposed, therefore, because of the black work fines in the amount of approximately 3.2 million Euro, the customs around 7.6 million euros in fines. In the previous year, the damage from black work was estimated at around 48 million euros. The Hauptzollamt Erfurt is Thuringia and South West Saxony, responsible, a spokeswoman said. During the inspections, the officials of 2019 have discovered in addition, approximately 10.7 million smuggled cigarettes and approximately 53.5 kilograms of drugs. 45 kilograms of marijuana officers found last August in the case of a control on the motorway 9 in the area of Plauen. With the help of x-ray technology, they discovered the narcotics in a cavity on the front side of the loading area.

in addition, the customs officers found around 100 weapons and weapons parts, including Butterfly-knife, stun gun and brass knuckles, such as the main, reported to the customs office. Over 65 000 counterfeit Goods with a total value of 580 000 euros had been discovered, especially, medicines, clothing and toys from China and Turkey.