Elizabeth II has chosen one of his private residences, the palace of Sandringham, to settle a public crisis that threatens to overflow. The heir to the throne, Charles of England; his successor, prince William; causing the whole mess, prince Henry; and from Canada, via the telephone, your wife, Meghan Markle, have been summoned Monday by the queen, to agree on a plan of protocol, financial and logistical support that allow for the dukes of Sussex to cut its ties with the royal family and to reduce their public duties.

The british newspapers engaged this Sunday tens of pages to the storm unleashed last week on the House of Windsor. The announcement by the surprise of the dukes of Sussex, last Wednesday, through its account of Instagram, that had no intention of abandoning their public duties, to move to “North America”, achieving “financial independence” and promote “a new progressive role within the institution of” monarchical infuriated Elizabeth II, the prince of Wales (father of Enrique) and the duke of Cambridge (William, the older brother). The three links of the continuity of the throne felt scorned, almost betrayed, by the decision.

despite the signs of distance were clear for months. Despite the fact that the breakaway of six weeks to Canada of the marriage, to remain on the sidelines of the celebrations of christmas real, were a foretaste clear of what was to come. And despite the fact that the duke of Sussex came to present to his father a draft of his plans and tried without success to meet with his grandmother to obtain his good pleasure, Buckingham Palace reacted so dry and irritated by the announcement.


The second ‘annus horribilis’ of Isabel II, The slow transition of Charles of England, prince to king, Royal and intergenerational: the photo of Isabel II with her three heirs

The descalificativos rage against the partner of “niñatos darlings” flooded the pages of the conservative press. And the media of the left embraced the cause of Sussex to encourage, with or without intent, a climate of division in the country that almost reminds the led for three years by the Brexit.

Almost 70 years as head of State have given to Elizabeth II, an experience which, united to his natural prudence, have made the monarch has decided on this occasion to demand a swift response, reasonable, and empathetic. Between the vacuum cruel that he was made to Edward VIII and his wife Wallis Simpson, and the ambiguity complicated with which he treated Lady Di, the queen has demanded on this occasion that is set in black and white the rights and obligations of Henry and Meghan.

there are Many complex issues that must begin to be resolved this Monday at the meeting of Sandringham. For a start, if the dukes of Sussex kept their titles. The environment of the queen has already given to understand, always through anonymous sources, that will allow them to retain them. Another thing will be their obligations with respect to the royal family. The head of the prestigious Civil Service of the british, Mark Sedwill, has already developed a draft about it so they continue to be central figures to the front of the Commonwealth (commonwealth of Nations) and to perform some official travel on behalf of the Crown. That solution didn’t clear the practical problems and protocol relevant. What will be required to attend official ceremonies key as the Trooping the Colour (the acts and parades of officials in the queen’s birthday)? What act of the british embassies in their travel?

And then there is the very thorny financial issue. Henry receives a juicy contribution of the real budget and the benefits of the Duchy of Cornwall, the conglomerate farming and rental of land (550 square kilometers) that manages their father, the prince of Wales. Any agreement must contemplate a gradual reduction of these revenues. And the possible return of the duke of Sussex to the public purse of almost three milion of euros cost of the reform of Frogmore Cottage, her residence in Windsor.