in Order to save the crisis, to open the Circus Krone for the first time, its animal Farm in Wessling for visitors. Not able to book from next weekend, only a tour of the sanctuary – you also get a small animal Show.

Weßling In the district of Starnberg, there is the coming weekend a new destination is likely to be especially attractive for families. As a sanctuary for senior animals, the twelve-hectare Site of the Circus Krone in Weßling was previously known. But now the crisis-ridden company, opens the Farm for the first time for visitors.

“so The idea was born out of necessity,” said Frank Keller, animal welfare officer of the circus, on Monday. Crown has since mid-March, no more income. The circus tour, the virus had to be due to the cancelled concerts in Munich’s Krone-Bau takes place. But spending will remain unchanged, for example, 3000 euros for animal feed. Per Day.

On Monday afternoon, the basement of reporters, camera teams and photographers, what is to be expected, the visitors showed, among other things, horses, camels and goats, a tour of their barns and outdoor enclosures, Pony-riding for children, historic circus wagons, and even a small Predator Show. Tamer Alexander Lacey gave insights into the Training with tigers and lions. He showed how he can Make it to the male, Jump, and paw lifting brings. And how he communicates with you. His favorite expressions: a long-drawn “well-behaved” with a British “r” and a “good boy” as praise for the big cats that have mastered their Practice.

interested parties can now register online for tours. According to Keller they are planned for the time being on the weekends. With greater demand, such as during the summer holidays, could you extend the offer also. With the municipality of Weßling and the district office itself a crown corona has agreed-compliant approach. Keller spoke of a “exclusive circle” in the guided tours: to a maximum of 100 persons or 30 families.

+ Gathered at the press conference (from left): mayor Michael storm, actor Heino Ferch with his son Gustav and wife Marie-Jeanette, circus Director, Jana Mandana Lacey-Krone with husband Martin Lacey jr. as well as the animal trainer Susan Lacey Alexander Lacey.©Andrea Jaksch

you will first pass through the big black gate with the inscription in 1938. In that year, Carl Krone bought the former Haflinger stud farm. A stroke of luck: he was able to save the animals in the Second world war. Because the Krone building in Munich were bombed. To date, the weßlinger see, the Area is a seniors residence for animals in the circus don’t stand up in the ring. Some of them train in the so-called try horseback riding. “You can’t go from 100 to 0 down,” says Keller.

The visitor will get to know the oldest animal residents: Mahal, a Palomino horse, birth year, 1982, was once imported from England. Directly next door, two young Zebras, which are only known in one to two years, ready for the big audience to play. A barn more, several approximately 30-year-old ponies. A couple of beer benches under large trees, and a red Popcorn Stand, to make the Area visitor-friendly. A big yellow wagon in the earlier elephants were transported, is equal to the input. At the other end of the grounds, historical Companion are, billboards, and an elephant’s piano in a tight barn housed. The long-term goal: a spacious Circus-Krone-Museum.

around the circus wagons illustrate the standstill of the industry. The displeasure over the lack of financial help from the state is palpable among the crown officers. For example, if the cellar indicates that the circus subsidy is “worthy” and “not culturally accepted”. But in an interview with Martin Lacey jr., the husband of managing Director, Jana Mandana Lacey-Krone. “We are with our history, a Munich-based Institution, but get to theatres in contrast, no support,” he says.

A circus of supporters, was at the press event by the way: the actor Heino Ferch, who lives with family on lake Ammersee. He was “since forever” with the circus-a family friend and a Fan: “We will not miss the program,” he said.

guides book online

The two-hour guided tours of the crown Farm (annular gear 1, Weßling) on Saturdays and Sundays, at 10 and 14 o’clock instead of. Admission is 30 minutes before. But only for the visitors that have requested your personal reservation form by E-Mail to . The booking confirmation must be printed out and on the windshield of the car. Adults are charged 25 Euro, children from three to twelve years, 15 Euro.

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