Donald Trump has authorized economic sanctions against any officer of the international criminal Court (ICC), which would investigate the u.s. military or the inculperait “without the consent of the United States,” announced on Thursday that the White House. “Despite the repeated calls of the United States and our allies in favour of a reform, the international criminal Court has done nothing to reform itself and continues to conduct investigations politically motivated against us or our allies, including Israel,” said the spokesman of the american president in a press release.

This is a response direct to the appeal decision taken in march by the court of The Hague to authorize the opening of an investigation for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Afghanistan despite the opposition of the administration to Trump. The survey desired by the prosecutor of the Court, Fatou Bensouda, sought, among other abuses alleged to have been committed by american soldiers in the country where the United States is leading since 2001 the longest war in their history. Allegations of torture have also been made against the CIA.

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the judges of the ICC had initially refused to authorize this investigation after a threat of sanctions from Washington, which is not a member of this court. The president Trump, engaged in an unprecedented escalation against the ICC which he accused of encroaching on national sovereignty, “has also authorized the extension of visa restrictions” against its officers and the members of their family. The u.s. visa of the prosecutor, Bensouda had already been revoked after the first threats of sanctions of the United States.