at 12:05 PM proposed a 26-year-old pedestrian to cross the light system at the Elverdisser road in Herford, in the direction of Ahmser road. As she entered in the green light of the roadway, approached suddenly, a black Car of the Audi brand. This swept over a foot of the young woman. As a result, significant injuries were incurred. The Car moved away immediately on the Ahmser road in the direction of the highway. The Audi has a LIP plate and tinted rear Windows.

A similar issue occurred at 16:30 on the lübbecker Straße in Bünde, in the immediate vicinity of the traffic circle, lübbecker Straße / Thin street / borries street. A 28-year-old cyclist ran his Bicycle to the local bike path. A black Car Mercedes S-class, the drove next to the bike, held such little distance that the cyclists had to Dodge more in the direction of the side of the bike path limitation. Here, the bike touched the tire, finally, the edge of the curb. As a result, the cyclist fell and suffered multiple injuries to the legs. The Car driver continued his journey in the direction of the water width.

In both cases, the traffic Commissioner has to the district police authority Herford taken over the investigation. Accident Tel witnesses are asked to contact the police (. 05221 / 888-0).

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