extinguishing The fire after the great fire, with a million damage in a recycling plant in Diez, near Limburg, to be dragged well up into the new week. Also on Sunday, firefighters extinguished embers are esters, such as, the police told the speaker.

According to an information of a spokesperson of the Rhein-Lahn-Kreis administration from the Saturday until excavators have to pull the Embers in the raw material bale apart. In addition, construction of the hall, breaking under one roof again and again fire. This should be from a company with a special tool to be demolished to clear the underlying fire.

The fire broke out on Wednesday evening at a recycling center of the company Uriel paper raw materials in the Rhineland-Palatinate on the border to Hessen. According to the company, the fire was kindled in a box for mixed commercial waste on the site. A large cloud of smoke rose. Initially, up to 650 firefighters were in use, two of them were slightly injured. According to the company a damage estimated in the fire 4.5 million euros. Three of the four production halls could be saved, therefore, from the flames. The cause of the fire was initially unknown. Experts determine.

On Saturday have been cancelled according to police reports from Sunday, the far-reaching traffic closures in the city area of Limburg, because the to Delete the flames specially laid water pipe from the river Lahn to the Fire by the fire Department eliminated could be. Other road barriers should be removed on Monday.